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Wrestling is the use of your hands in unarmed combat. Certianly the most unique physical combat skill available on UO: Invictus. Not only offering meager damage in combat, this skill is prized for its utility. Combined with anatomy, the warrior with these skills is made available a special wrestling move, the stun punch. If pair with arms lore, the warrior with these skills will have access to disarm his or her opponents, commonly a favorite of thieves. In the hands of most mages, wrestling offers a chance to dodge melee attacks, valuable in avoiding the disruption of spellcasting.


Unlike most skills on UO: Invictus, training with a NPC prior to beginning your path would most assuredly be a waste of gold. The simplest means of training this skill is to engage in melee combat while unarmed. A point of note is that some items equipped such as torches and candles still offer wrestling engagement but do not offer any bonus to damage.

A common method of macroing this skill is to spar with a friend while cross healing each other with band aids. Both of your chosen weapon skills and tactics levels will rise along with each other until GM. As wrestling is already a low damaging method of combat there is no choice necessary as to what equipment to train with.

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