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The skill of healing animals

Quite simply, veterinary is the skill used to heal tamed and wild creatures with cloth bandages. A well learned veterinarian can also cure poison and resurrect animals.

Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 with the use of power scrolls.


To heal an animal, just double click a clean bandage and target a damaged animal on a tile next to you. Curing and resurrection are applied the same way.


A simple method of training this skill, is to select two animals with fairly high hit points, but low damage. Tame the animals, set them in combat against one another and heal the two animals as they fight. If you are careful in selecting animals that are not particularly valuable, this skill can be trained by macro. You will want to set a macro that heals each pet in turn with a delay for the bandage time. Just make sure you either check your bandage supply or build in a restock agent!

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