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Welcome to the Veritas guide page.

Veritas is UO: Invictus’ custom PvP preferred client. Here you can find an in depth guide to setting up your client and getting to know the interface.

Veritas Commands:

To use a veritas command, type a period and a space before entering the command (. sound)

Disturb – Disrupts the current spellcast
LeaveHouse – Leaves the player house you are currently in
OpenRunebooks – Opens runebooks to be used with . recall and . gate
Dress – Dresses the clothes and armor that was previously worn
Recall – Recalls to a rune in your bag by name
Gate – Gates to a rune in your bag by name
Target – Dets your current target
Acquire – Will acquire closest target
AlwaysRun – Turns on the setting to always run
SmoothWalk – Display setting thats can be toggled with a command
Footsteps – Toggle for mobile footstep audio
Sound – Toggle for game sound
Music – Toggle for game music
QueueTargets – Will queue spell and drop as soon as its ready
Remove – Removes a static from your screen resync will bring it back – only visual
UseGate – Uses the gate you are standing on
Ignore – Adds a player to your ignore list
Scavenge – Toggles the client scavenger agent
RegDrop – Drops your in bag reagents
DragToBag – Produces a target and attempts to move the targeted item to your backpack
Move – Will move a item(s) to a container
Stack – Will stack a item
BringTo – Will bring an item to your backpack
TurnTo – Will turn your chracter to a location
Disarm – Disarm wrestling move
Stun – Wrestling stun punch
Noto – Will turn on notoriaty circles under mobiles
NotoQuery – Toggles notoriety query before attacking
AutoPickup – Adds an item to your scavenger list
DropTarg – Produces a target, to drop the targeted item on the ground.
CancelStealth – Cancels the stealth mode
Give – Will give reagents to a target such as “. give recalls” will give recall regs
FPS – Will toggle FPS tracker
Restock – Produces a target to restock from (choose a container with your items to restock from)
Lootbag – Chooses a bag to automatically add items to (dragtobag, scavenger)
ClearMoves – Will clear queued moves such as . stack and . bringto
Organize – Will organize your bag based on a pre set template
SetOrganize – Will set . organize to a per set template
LeapFrog – Allows you to move a bag you otherwise would not be able to carry in your pack
RenamePet – Rename your current pet

Setting up your client


Other than commands, the vast majority of Veritas settings are found under the window for options, you can find the button for this gump on your paperdoll.


First things first, delete all the macros that come stock.

You will need a hotkey to turn on all counters and displays.
You will likely also want to setup a large amount of other hotkeys
It is common to setup a hotkey to toggle the enable/disable of your hotkeys to talk/chat in game


Next – Go to Display Settings.

Assuming your PC can handle it, the following settings are suggested-
Terrain Quality : High
Terrain Anti-Aliasing – 4x. High
1280×720 Game Screen[You have to change it in the Config file if you want higher]
Enviromental Effects : Character Shadows on. Enviroment Shadows on.
Character Quality – Smooth characters, and Lockstep movement.

Lockstep movement seems to give a higher FPS no matter how good the PC is. It also feels more natural on Veritas.

In options these are suggested settings:

Always Light – Self explanatory, never be running around in darkness.
Always Run – Never walk, although a toggle hotkey just incase on a rare occasion, like stepping off a boat, or being weary of faction traps in a single tile chokepoint is suggested.
Clear hands before cast : Off – This is already going to happen when you cast anyway.
Clear hands before potion : Off – Suggested for mages, as the most you will equip would be a magic wand, a warrior may want a different setting.
Container Grid : On – Breaks containers into grids, which makes organizing easy.
Health Icons : On – Amazing Feature. This places a mini health bar under everyone’s feet, which makes pulling bars unnecessary or able to be delayed in the right situations.
Hide Trees : On – Higher FPS, and Easier to see the enemy. You may prefer to leave them on for the more natural feel of UO.
Hotkeys Enable : On – Some people have a toggle hotkey, so they can disable their hotkeys to talk.
Incoming Names : On – Definitely want to see the names and notoriety of players coming on screen.
Key Passthrough : On – Makes any hotkey hit in the game pass through to your Hotkeys.
Moongate confirmation : On – This removes the gump when you are using a moongate in town, and leaving guardzone.  This is a personal preference that can speed up your gate travel.
Notoriety Halos : On – This makes a halo appear at players feet when you are in warmode, the color of the halo shows the persons notoriety. Combined with Mini health bars, this gives you a lot of information at each players feet.
Notoriety Query : Off or Smart -If you play a red primarily, the last thing you want is to be getting asked if you want to attack an innocent anywhere except Guard zone.
Party Notifications : On – Another KEY feature of Veritas, this provides an enormous amount of information to your party members, and when everyone is doing it, you can be offscreen and still totally comprehend the fight without muddying your voice channels. It is of note that if you click a players bar with a spell, for example, instead of using your last target hotkey…your party will not get a notification.
Protect Bandages : On – Will not allow you to use another bandage if you have a bandage being applied currently.
Protect Cures : On – Will not allow you to target someone with your casted Cure if they are not poisoned.
Protect Heals : On – Will not allow you to target someone with your Heal or Greater Heal if they are poisoned. Note that spamming your last target macro while they are poisoned will instantly heal them as soon as they cure.  A final note is that if at the exact moment you hit your last target to heal your partner, and in that split second between when you hit last target and your heal goes into effect he gets poisoned, you will get the message you cannot heal him in that state, and lose your heal.
Protect Poisons : On – Will not allow you to target someone with a poison if they are already poisoned.
Queue Targets : Off – This is entirely personal preference, in very limited high level situations there are times when not queuing your targets can result in you being physically unable to hit a heal before someone is poisoned or dead. You can mitigate this by using mousewheel as your target hotkey because it is very possible to roll your mousewheel fast enough to instantly drop a cursor the same as a queued target, but a normal hotkey last target/target self will fail more often An  advantage in not using queued targets will be not having to clear target queue so often.
Screenshots : On – Personal preference, you can set a hotkey to toggle this.  Note that any humanoid that dies will activate your screenshots, for example faction guards or executioners.
Siege Ruleset : On – If this is deactivated and you are a Murderer, the client will stop you from running into guardzone, because reds being able to go into town was a Siege Perilous rule.
Smooth Movement : On – Who doesnt want smooth movement?

Here let’s just outline a few of the features of Veritas and why it is the most popular PvP client.

1. The graphics are preffered by most PvPers for its smoothness and accuracy.
2. The protect heal/cure/poison/bandages and Smart targeting system both work flawlessly, while other clients have claims of these features, but they break a lot.
3. Precise Spell Animations means that you take the damage from a missle or projectile when it actually hits your character.
4. The map not only looks better it is much more functional allowing double click Recall and Gate Travel.
5. Notoriety Halos, Smooth Bar Pulling, Mini Health Bars are all excellent PvP QOL changes. Sometimes I am in fights where I cant pull every bar, and I’m healing or syncing people based entirely on the minihealth bar.
6. Hotkeys to use wands by type only selecting wands that have available charges

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