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Maker of tools and devices

Tinkers make some of the most useful and used items in the game, from tools for most of the professions available to potion kegs and even lockable chests.



To access tinkering, use a set of tinker’s tools to open the crafting gump. Select the tool, device, part, or assembly you wish to craft. Lockable boxes require carpentry, as well as the necessary tinkering skill for their lockpicking difficulty, and are crafted through the use of the carpentry crafting gump.


Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 with the use of power scrolls.



Tinkering is a fairly expensive skill to level, as such it is recommended to either start with 50 points in character creation or at the least train this skill with a NPC. To train this skill, craft successively more difficult projects to GM. Training of this skill is able to be done with a macro, but with a bit of supervision. Set up your macro to craft the chosen item, and check on occasion that you do not run out of materials, store or sell your crafted items, and check to see if you have gained enough skill to graduate to your next project.


Complementary skills

As the bulk of tinkering projects require ingots and a few require lumber, mining and lumberjacking are commonly paired with tinkering. Carpentry is also a common choice, for the craft of lockable boxes and chests and other tinkering used parts such as supplies for potion kegs.



Items available from tinkering

ItemSuppliesMinimum Skill
all ore types
Wooden Items  
jointing plane5 boards or logs0.0
moulding plane4 boards or logs0.0
smoothing plane4 boards or logs0.0
clock frame6 boards or logs0.0
axle2 boards or logs0.0
rolling pin5 boards or logs0.0
scissors2 ingots5.0
mortar and pestle3 ingots20.0
scorp2 ingots30.0
tinker’s tools2 ingots10.0
hatchet4 ingots30.0
draw knife2 ingots30.0
sewing kit2 ingots10.0
saw4 ingots30.0
dovetail saw4 ingots30.0
froe2 ingots30.0
shovel4 ingots40.0
hammer1 ingot30.0
tongs1 ingot35.0
smith’s hammer4 ingots40.0
inshave2 ingots30.0
pickaxe4 ingots40.0
lockpick1 ingot45.0
skillet4 ingots30.0
flour sifter3 ingots50.0
fletcher’s tools3 ingots35.0
mapmaker’s pen1 ingot25.0
scribe’s pen1 ingot25.0
gears2 ingots5.0
clock parts1 ingot25.0
barrel tap2 ingots35.0
springs2 ingots5.0
sextant parts4 ingots30.0
barrel hoops5 ingots0.0
hinge2 ingots5.0
bola balls10 ingots60.0
butcher knife2 ingots25.0
spoon – left1 ingot0.0
spoon – right1 ingot0.0
plate2 ingots0.0
fork – left1 ingot0.0
fork – right1 ingot0.0
cleaver3 ingots20.0
knife – left1 ingot0.0
knife – right1 ingot0.0
goblet2 ingots10.0
pewter mug2 ingots10.0
skinning knife2 ingots25.0
key ring2 ingots10.0
candelabra4 ingots55.0
scales4 ingots60.0
iron key3 ingots20.0
globe4 ingots55.0
spyglass4 ingots60.0
lantern2 ingots30.0
heating stand4 ingots60.0
star sapphire jewelry2 ingots, 1 star sapphire40.0
emerald jewelry2 ingots, 1 emerald40.0
sapphire jewelry2 ingots, 1 sapphire40.0
ruby jewelry2 ingots, 1 ruby40.0
citrine jewelry2 ingots, 1 citrine40.0
amethyst jewelry2 ingots, 1 amethyst40.0
tourmaline jewelry2 ingots, 1 tourmaline40.0
amber jewelry2 ingots, 1 amber40.0
diamond jewelry2 ingots, 1 diamond40.0
axle with gears1 axle, 1 gear0.0
clock parts1 axle with gears, 1 springs0.0
sextant parts1 axle with gears, 1 hinges0.0
clock – right or left1 clock frames, 1 clock parts0.0
sextant1 sextant parts0.0
bola4 bola balls, 3 leather or hides90.0
potion kegs1 empty keg, 1 keg tap, 1 barrel lid, 10 empty bottles75.0
dart trap1 ingot, 1 crossbow bolt30.0
poison trap1 ingot, 1 green potion30.0
explosion trap1 ingot, 1 purple potion55.0
faction gas trap3000 faction silver, 10 ingots, 1 green potion65.0
faction explosion trap3000 faction silver, 10 ingots, 1 purple potion65.0
faction saw trap3000 faction silver, 10 ingots, 1 gear65.0
faction spike trap3000 faction silver, 10 ingots, 1 springs65.0
faction trap removal kit1000 faction silver, 10 ingots90.0
Combined Skill Items  
stone oven – east85 boards or logs, 125 ingots50.0 tinkering, 68.4 carpentry
stone oven – south85 boards or logs, 125 ingots50.0 tinkering, 68.4 carpentry
flour mill – east100 boards or logs, 50 ingots50.0 tinkering, 94.7 carpentry
flour mill – south100 boards or logs, 50 ingots50.0 tinkering, 94.7 carpentry
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