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A tailor crafts our clothes and several forms of armor

Tailoring is used to create the clothes we wear, leather armor, studded armor, and bone armor. Who doesn’t love walking around Britain bank in their fancy new duds? As it does not impede meditation, leather armor is a mage’s best friend.



To sew, use a sewing kit to open the crafting gump. Select an item to craft or to repair a piece of leather armor. Keep in mind that failure in repairing an item can destroy the targeted item.


Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 through the use of power scrolls.



Tailoring training uses a fairly significant amount of resources to train to GM, mostly in hides or leather. Most tailors choose to start by training with a NPC to save on resources that will be consumed in your training and start off by crafting cloth items, ending with oil cloths and then graduate to harder and harder pieces of armor. A tailor would be well advised to spend the largest amount of skill on crafting oil cloths that he can, as this item is cheap and can be recycled into usable bandages. This process can be set to a macro if you are willing to check in on occasion, to sell or recycle (cut them with scissors) your items and see if you need to graduate to a harder item to craft.

To macro this skill:

  • Use restock agent to fill cloth or leather
  • Use a sewing kit by type (you will want many kits in your pack)
  • Select the item you wish to make (or make last)
  • Recycle item (if applicable)



A list of tailored items


HatResourcesMin. SkillHatResourcesMin. Skill
skullcap2 cloth0.0wizard hat15 cloth7.2
bandana2 cloth0.0bonnet11 cloth6.2
floppy hat11 cloth6.2feathered hat12 cloth6.2
wide-brim hat12 cloth6.2tricorne12 cloth6.2
straw hat10 cloth6.2jester hat15 cloth7.2
tall straw hat13 cloth6.7   
ShirtResourcesMin. SkillShirtResourcesMin. Skill
doublet8 cloth0.0plain dress10 cloth12.4
shirt8 cloth20.7fancy dress12 cloth33.1
fancy shirt8 cloth24.8cloak14 cloth41.4
tunic12 cloth0.0robe16 cloth53.9
surcoat14 cloth8.2jester’s suit24 cloth8.2
PantResourcesSkill LevelPantResourcesSkill Level
short pants6 cloth24.8kilt8 cloth20.7
long pants8 cloth24.8skirt10 cloth29.0
MiscResourcesMin. SkillMiscResourcesMin. Skill
body sash4 cloth4.1half apron6 cloth20.7
oil cloth1 cloth74.6full apron10 cloth29.0
FootwearResourcesMin. SkillFootwearResourcesMin. Skill
sandals4 leather12.4boots8 leather33.1
shoes6 leather16.5thigh boots10 leather41.4
Leather Armor     
LeatherResourcesMin. SkillLeatherResourcesMin. Skill
gorget4 leather53.9sleeves4 leather53.9
cap2 leather6.2leggings10 leather66.3
gloves3 leather51.8tunic12 leather70.5
Studded Leather Armor     
StuddedResourcesMin. SkillStuddedResourcesMin. Skill
gorget6 leather78.8leggings12 leather91.2
gloves8 leather82.9tunic14 leather95.4
sleeves10 leather87.1 
Female Leather Armor     
FemaleResourcesMin. SkillFemaleResourcesMin. Skill
leather shorts8 leather62.2studded bustier8 leather82.9
leather skirt6 leather58.8leather armor8 leather62.2
leather bustier6 leather58.0studded armor10 leather87.1
Bone Armor     
BoneResourcesMin. SkillBoneResourcesMin. Skill
helmet4 leather
2 bones
85.0leggings10 leather
6 bones
gloves6 leather
2 bones
89.0armor12 leather
10 bones
arms8 leather
4 bones


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