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Thieves are masters of taking what is not theirs

Commonly used to steal things from other players, there are also opportunities to use this skill with pack animals and secure containers in towns. In order to steal from other players, you will be required to join and maintain your status in the Thieves Guild. Finding yourself marked as a murderer will remove you from the thieves guild. It should be noted that use of this skill will lower your karma. Stealing is generally a criminal offense and will flag you as a criminal. While most attempts of stealing can get the guards called on you, that is not always the case in a successful attempt.


To activate stealing, press the skill use gem, and pick your target. Selecting a player or pack animal will attempt to steal a random available item. To steal a specific item will require snooping, and then targeting the item you wish to steal.

Keep in mind that your ability to steal is dependent upon the items weight and your skill. Thieves with higher skill can steal heavier objects, while some items are simply too heavy to be stolen. Newbie or blessed items can also not be stolen.


While not actually too time consuming or expensive, training stealing is a bit tricky. It is advisable to purchase NPC training from the Thieves Guildmaster, his name is Vandoren and he can be found in front of Britain bank. It can be somewhat automated with a macro, this method requires a pack animal as your pet. To train place items in bags, pouches, or containers to get to your required training weight and place them in the animal’s pack. They can be stolen in turn and replaced. As you progress in skill you will have to add weight to these containers, until you reach GM.

The Thieves Guild

To join the Thieves Guild, the character must:

  • be at least one week old
  • have a minimum of 48 hours of in-game time
  • have a minimum of 60.0 stealing skill
  • have no murder counts


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