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Rift system guide

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Rifts were a new system on Hybrid and will be available on Invictus. Every 3-6 hours, a rift gate spawns dependant upon when the last one was finished. The gates can be found on any level in Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Hythloth, Shame, Wrong, and Ice Dungeon. Once a rift spawns, a server message is broadcasted in the lower left of your screen. The first message states a rift has spawned. After another 30 minutes, the next message will state which dungeon its in.

At this point, it is up to you to find the level in which it has spawned. The rifts location inside a dungeon is completely random. The chances of one spawning in same exact locations is very low. The entrance is a red, fiery gate that is hard to miss, but dont be lazy and skip sections.  Check every nook and cranny. Once the gate is located, walk into it like a normal moongate. You will then be teleported to an exact replica of the dungeon and level the gate was found in. Once a location for the rift has been chosen, it will then choose a random set group of predefined paragon monsters to populate the rift with. These vary pretty widely and add another element of randomness to the rift system.  You must clear all the mobs within the gate to summon the boss. Once all the monsters and dead, the boss will automatically spawn. Run around the rift until you find it and slay him for potential chance at rift weapons, the magus artifact armor set pieces, a gold pet skill gem, and power scrolls.

It is good to note that inside of the rift, no creatures will spawn within 25 tiles of the entrance gate and the gate also acts as a resurrection gate when dead.


1: Elementals:

Blood Elemental/Air Elemental/Snow Elemental/Fire Elemental/Earth Elemental/Water Elemental/Ice Elemental/Acid Elemental/Poison Elemental


2: Arachnid:

Giant Spider/Dread Spider/Giant Black Widow/Terathan Drone/Terathan Warrior/Terathan Matriarch/Terathan Avenger/Ant Lion/Scorpion


3: Fey:

Pixie/Ethereal Warrior/Wisp/Shadow Wisp/Meer Captain/Meer Warrior/Centaur/Meer Eternal/Tree fellow


4: Undead:

Lich/Lich Lord/Zombie/Skeleton/Skeletal Knight/Bone Knight/Ancient Lich/Bone Magi/Skeletal Mage


5: Reptilian:

Ancient Wyrm/Shadow Wyrm/Giant Serpent/Dragon/Sea Serpent/Drake/Silver Serpent/Wyvern/Deep Sea Serpent


6: Humanoid:

Troll/Ettin/Orc/Orcish Lord/Ogre/Ogre Lord/Savage Rider/Savage Shaman/Savage


7: Flame:

Hell Hound/Lava Serpent/Predator Hell Cat/Phoenix/Fire Gargoyle/Hell Cat/Lava Snake/Lava Lizard/Efreet/Daemon


8: Desert:

Sand Vortex/Titan/Cyclops/Desert Ostard/Harpy/Ratman/Scorpion


9: Mage:

Evil Mage/Evil Mage Lord/Juka Mage/Orcish Mage/Khaldun Zealot/Savage Shaman/Meer Mage/Ratman Mage


10: Poisonous:

Oni/Poison Elemental/Acid Elemental/Scorpion/Wyvern/Giant Spider/Dread Spider/Giant Black Widow/Giant Serpent


11: Abyss:

Abysmal Horror/Balron/Bone Demon/Chaos Daemon/Moloch/Arcane Daemon/Enslaved Gargoyle/Gargoyle Destroyer/Gargoyle Enforcer/Stone Gargoyle


12: Frost:

Arctic Ogre Lord/Frost Ooze/Ice Fiend/Unfrozen Mummy/Frost Spider/Lady Of The Snow/Frost Troll/Ice Snake/Ice Serpent/Giant Ice Worm

Bosses and mechanics

1: Ragnis– As you attack this boss he will curse and Player Showing a message in game that “you have been cursed”. If you see this message isolate yourself from other players or pets. This curse last for 5 seconds before exploding and dealing 30-40 damage. The more players or pets your around this will increase. Every time he curses a target he switches his focus to another target; Usually the person he cursed. Just pay attention to this. Other wise he’s an easy boss to deal with. (USEFUL TEMPLATES *WARRIOR TAMER*)


2: Elementalist Myalis– This boss has four forms. Initially he is in the form of a fire elemental. Once attacked he rains down a fire storm which than puts fire fields in an area around him. Be careful, this does decent damage if you stand in it. Once he is about half life he switches to a Poison elemental. During this form he does an AOE (Area of Effect) Lethal poison. Keep yourself cured and you are fine. As you get him lower he turns into a Earth elemental and does a HUGE AOE (area of effect) spell that drops rocks from the heavens. Lastly, when he’s almost dead he turns into a Blood elemental leeching life from pets and players around him. This does heal him for a random amount. (USEFUL TEMPLATES)*WARRIOR TAMER OR MAGE TAMER*


3: Rek’Seeq– This one of, if not, the hardest boss to deal with. When you first see him he is in human form. while in this form he randomly jumps to a player does a massive punch which also lethal poisons and returns back to his original location. I advise using a mage/tamer for this one, considering you can arch cure yourself and G heal rather quick compared to warriors. Once he has reached half life he vanishes and leave a “rift gate” in the location he was. You need to enter this gate/ Rek’seeq’s Lair. Once you enter he is usually East of the gate. He is in the form of Narvey Night-Eyes From OSI ( big ass spider). His mechanics don’t change. He still teleports to players randomly with a massive hit and lethal poison. When you send pets on him he spawns 6-8 giant spiders around him. A mechanic that helps blunt the damage of his strike is to use Armor Reflect. It will null one punch from him. Another thing you can do is constantly move. If you time it right when he jumps, if your running his punch will miss, but you will still be lethal poisoned. (USEFUL TEMPLATES*MAGE TAMER*)


4: Duradel Argent– This boss is among the first or second hardest. When your initially attack him he does an AOE % of Health Chain lightning spell. You will notice blue animations 1 full screen around him. This means the spell is charging up. This spell happens every 2-2 1/2 minutes. Once you see those blue swirls, either run off screen to avoid damage or get g heal ready. If your a warrior back up one tile because he will switch Targets every time he does this spell. Once the spell is done, 2 seconds after you can re engage him. (USEFUL TEMPLATES*WARRIOR TAMER/MAGE TAMER*)


5: Eosiog– This boss will one shot you. He does 200+ damage fire breaths. When starting the fight with him, use honor to engage your pet to take that hit. After a couple minutes you will notice a red aura around him form, which gives him invulnerability. Call your pets back outside this 5-6 tile radius around him and wait for spell to end. If you or your pet get caught inside of it, you will take devastating damage. Once the spell ends re-engage. Eosiog will deal stamina, mana and health damage in the amount of the stats max / 2. So at 100 HP and dex, you lose 50 hp and stam. He will also gain 50 hp, stam and mana per target hit. (USEFUL TEMPLATES *WARRIOR TAMER/MAGE TAMER*)


6: Mephistopheles– This boss starts off in the form of a human wearing a King hue shroud. Once you kill him down and he is almost dead he transforms into a Lich. In this form he does AOE life leech. If your doing this solo, switch to an archer with alchemy. arrow and explosion pot him for the kill. If you can back him into a wall you can also fire field him to disrupt his heals. If your with 4-5 tamers you can break him down without his AOE life leech keeping him alive. (USEFUL TEMPLATES *WARRIOR TAMER/MAGE TAMER/ARCHER ALCHEMY MAGE*)

Invictus artifact system

All Invictus artifact system items are special weapons and armor, that give additional bonuses in PvM content.  Currently available are the rift weapons and the magus armor set.  Please note that all Invictus artifact items are “newbied”.

Rift weapons

Rift weapons come in 13 different variations at the moment. Rift weapons have the potential to have 1-2 slayers on each weapon. Example (demon dismissal/ summer wind or silver only; ETC..) All random.

True Slice (Katana; Swordsmanship)

·         Stats Based Off: Katana

·         Chance: 20%

·         Cooldown: 5 seconds

·         Damage: 75

·         Damage Bonus: 20%


Blood Harvester (Bone Harvester; Swordsmanship)

·         Stats Based Off: Viking Sword

·         Chance: 10%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Life Leeched: 30 Health

·         Bleed Duration: 10 Seconds


Berserker’s War Axe (War Axe; Macing)

·         Chance: 10%

·         Cooldown: 10 seconds

·         Total Attacks: 5 hits for 1 swing

·         Stamina Cost: 35


Pacifist’s Walking Stick (Quarter Staff; Macing)

·         At 120 Peacemaking:

·         Chance: 35%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Peace Duration: 10 seconds

·         Damage Bonus: 20%

·         At 110.1 to 119.9 Peacemaking:

·         Chance: 30%

·         Cooldown: 10 second

·         Peace Duration: 8 seconds

·         Damage Bonus: 20%

·         At 100 to 110 Peacemaking

·         Chance: 25%

·         Cooldown: 10 second

·         Peace Duration: 7 seconds

·         Damage Bonus: 20%

·         At 0 to 99.9 Peacemaking

·         Chance: 20%

·         Cooldown: 10 second

·         Peace Duration: 5 seconds

·         Damage Bonus: 20%

Bombardier Crossbow (Repeater Crossbow; Archery)

·         Stats Based Off: Crossbow

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Area Damage: 20-30

·         Affect Radius: 3 tiles around target


The Whirlwind (Halberd; Swordsmanship)

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Area Damage: 30-50

·         Effect Radius: 1 tile around you


Trick Shot (Bow; Archery)

·         Can shoot the bow while moving


Monster Slayer (Ornate Axe; Swordsmanship)

·         Stats based Off: Double Axe Ignore Armor

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Damage: 125


Necromantic Scepter (Scepter; Macing)

·         Stats Based Off: Maul

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 15 seconds

·         Curse Duration: 30 seconds

·         Curse Effect: 30 to all stats

·         Effect Radius: 3 tiles around target

·         Mana Leeched: 25

Master Assassin Dagger (Dagger; Fencing)

·         Stats Based Off: Kryss

·         At 100 Poisoning:

·         Chance: 20%

·         Cooldown: 10 seconds

·         Poison: Lethal

·         Bleed Duration: 10 seconds

·         At 0 to 99.9 Poisoning:

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 10 seconds

·         Poison: Deadly

·         Bleed Duration: 10 seconds


Mjolnir (War Hammer; Macing)

·         Chance: 15%

·         Cooldown: 10 seconds

·         Area Damage: 5-10

·         Stun Duration: 5

·         Effect Radius: 1 tile around you

·         Minimum Karma: 1

·         Max player Kills: 0


Master Assassin Crossbow (Crossbow; Archery)

·         At 100 Poisoning:

·         Chance: 35%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Poison: Lethal

·         Damage: 15 seconds

·         Bleed Duration: 10 seconds

·         At 0 to 99.9 Poisoning:

·         Chance: 25%

·         Cooldown: 1 second

·         Poison: Deadly

·         Damage: 15 seconds

·         Bleed Duration: 10 seconds


Spartan Spear (Long Spear; Fencing)

·         Chance: 10%

·         Cooldown: 20 seconds

·         Stun: 10 seconds

·         Damage Bonus: 20%

Magus armor set

The magus armor set is an 8 piece armor set, that offers a special bonus when all set pieces are equipped.  Note that the mana return ability will be disabled upon entering PvP combat and for 30 seconds after this combat ends.

· Spell damage increase – 200%-300%

· Returns a portion of spell cast mana to the user

Wu Gambino’s rift strategy suggestions

Now lets talk templates. I have done over 170+ rifts while writing this out, and have found many ways to do and not do a rift. In my opinion, Warrior tamers are the best for spawn and certain bosses. Some Bosses will be easier on Mage/Tamer templates. There are 12 different spawns groups, and 7 different bosses, all random. No spawn will produce a certain boss, that’s up to RNG to determine. Warrior tamers excel because the damage per second (DPS) they deliver, and they can vet pets quickly due to their higher dexterity.

Skills/stats and setup I use to run rifts.

Personally, I have found Swords to be the best using True slice. Secondly I would choose macing with Beserker’s War Axe.


100 taming

100 lore

100 vet

100 weapon skills (swords/macing/archery/fencing)

100 healing

100 anatomy

100 tactics



100 strength

100 dexterity

25 intelligence


This template is designed specifically for rift runs. No magery or meditation with low mana makes this character terrible for farming as you will always be waiting for mana to get to the next location. But luckily rifts are in one spot, and once you get there the only reason to leave would be to restock or after a rift is finished. Keep a rune book full of recalls as you do not need magery to use them in rune book. Carry spares in case you are forgetful like me.


What I carry with me at rifts:

Pots: 70 Total refresh, 30 Greater healing, 15 Greater cure, 20 Greater dexterity, 20 Greater strength, 50 Fish steaks, 20 Rose of Trinsic petals, 500 bandages, 10 recall scrolls, 5 orange petals, and 2 Pet leashes. There are a ton of variations here,

This is what I have found that works best for me. Depending on the rift, you might need to restock 2-3 times. Some rifts you will be able to finish with this set up, without restocking. It all depends on which spawn you’re fighting.


Slayers that can speed up a rift.

1. Silver (undead)

2. Daemon Dismissal

3. Reptilian Death

4. Arachnid Doom

5. Repond (Humanoid)

6. Summer Wind (ice elementals, White wyrms, Etc)


Game play inside rift:

ALL monsters inside a rift are paragons. Paragon monster’s stats and resistances are increased by 3x. These monsters target based off movement. What I like to do is kill these guys one at a time. Depending on rifts, you can kill multiples if needed. Never get to comfortable because things can get crazy quickly in rifts. I pull one monster at a time until I have a little area to work in. I will run near a monster, and it will automatically target me based on the movement. I then run back to my previous location and wait for it to come to me. Once its near, I dismount my mare and say, “all guard me”. When the monster targets me, “all guard me” will automatically send your mount or dragon to attack the monster. If you target the monster by double clicking it you will need to say, “all kill”, and select the monster. Once a monster is attacking my pet, I call the pet back, wait for it to be next to me, then I move within one tile and start attacking with my weapon. At this time, I start my pet healing as well. Rinse and repeat until all monsters are dead. Remember, always keep distance between you and the next monster. Paragons move quickly so be ready to move if another shows up while you’re fighting. Always have pets be in the north south east or west direction. If you do not and go and attack once pets are set the boss or spawn will target you.  As you get more into doing rifts and get comfortable you will find your own ways that work best for you. This is all trial and error. Do not be afraid to limit test yourself. If you die inside a rift, the gate acts as a resurrection gate while dead. Just walk into the rift gate and it will resurrect you. Getting your loot will be another story.

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