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Resisting Spells

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While this skill is not actively used, it is one of those most common skills on templates and provides great benefits to the players who decide to train it to GM. The higher you raise this skill, the greater resistance you will acquire to the harmful effects and damage of offensive magery spells. This skill is passively checked each time you are hit with a offensive magery spell, to calculate your ability to lessen or completely resist its effects.



Often trained in concert with magery and meditation, this is one of the most costly and hardest to train skills in the game. Most players should train this skill early and save easier skills for later in building your template. All players planning to use this skill in their templates, would be well advised to start with 50 points in this skill upon player creation or at a minimum train it at an NPC before attempting to train it further.

Most mages will pick a spell of lower cost (in available reagents) and use this spell until gains are no longer available from this circle of spells. After “completion” of a circle of spells, pick a spell in the next highest circle and train with that until you finish the next circle. A common progression of spells to use in training resist would be: magic arrow -> harm -> fireball -> lightning -> energy bolt -> mana vampire. Of course if you start with 50 skill or train from an NPC, you can skip a few of these spells from lower circles.

For macroing resisting spells with magery, it is highly advisable to check your macro often, as a your macro will only work for you for each circle, requiring a change of plan for each new circle.

Common macros include:

  • Restocking agent
  • Casting your spell
  • Target if necessary
  • Healing damage if applicable
  • Meditation

This can be achieved by one player casting upon himself, or with another or multiple other players casting upon the desired toon for gains. Anyone picking this method would be wise in in circle 4 to select mana drain and in circle 7 to select mana vampire, as this does train resisting spells but does not apply damage.


Complementary skills

Players choosing to field a toon with resisting spells should note that their defensive effects can be increased by training Inscription.  Most players that venture into combat whether PvM or PvP will find great benefit from this skill.


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