UO Invictus

Remove Trap

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Used to remove traps

One of the most self explanatory skills, this will remove traps that are on containers, or set by enemy factioners.


To use remove trap, click the skill use gem and target a trap to attempt to remove it. Be careful, as failure can be a dangerous exercise.


Training remove trap is a fairly difficult proposition. It is dangerous to fail the removal of a trap, as you can set off the trap. It is also hard to find a large quantity of traps to disarm. Many who train this skill will employ tinkering, in order to set their own traps to disarm. Some venture into dungeons, where there are bountiful numbers of locked and trapped chests, filled with loot. Training this skill with someone or something that can resurrect you nearby is highly advised.

Complementary skills

Most will pick up tinkering to train this skill, although this is not necessary. This skill can be found on the templates of treasure hunters, thieves and adventurers. As traps can do over 150 damage, skill in healing with bandages or magery could come in handy.

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