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[ commands


  • account
  • achievements
  • auth
  • claimdonation
  • claimitem
  • clock
  • combattext
  • donate
  • e
  • emote
  • g
  • guildchat
  • help
  • helpinfo
  • myachievements
  • notify
  • organizeme
  • store
  • time
  • titles
  • trappouch
  • website



  • 10.0 points in Alchemy adds 1 damage to explosion pots when thrown by an alchemist, up to a total of 10 extra points of damage for a GM Alchemist.
  • Gm Alchemists can learn the art of glassblowing. This skill requires no skill point room.



  • Skill 0 – 65.0 will show character strength when actively used.
  • Skill 65.1 – 100.0 will show character strength and dexterity when actively used.
  • Anatomy gives a bonus to the Healing skill of 1% for every 5 points in Anatomy
  • Gm Anatomy gives a 10% bonus to healing
  • Anatomy 60.0+ and Healing 60.0+ will allow the character a chance to cure poison with band aids
  • Anatomy 80.0+ and Healing 80.0+ will allow the character a chance to resurrect another with band aids.
  • Anatomy increases melee damage by 5% for every 10 points of anatomy. This applies to fencing, mace fighting, swordsmanship, and wrestling.
  • Anatomy 80.0+ and Wrestling 80.0+ gives the ability to stun punch.
  • Anatomy 80.0+ and Mace Fighting 80.0+ gives the ability to deliver a crushing blow with two-handed weapons.
  • Anatomy 80.0+ and Swordsmanship 80.0+ gives the ability to deliver a concussive blow with two-handed weapons.
  • Anatomy 80.0+ and Fencing 80.0+ gives the ability to deliver a paralyzing blow with two-handed weapons.
  • Anatomy + Evaluating Intelligence = Defensive wrestling. [Anatomy +Evaluating Intelligence]/2 = Level of Defensive Wrestling

Anatomy result levels

Stat LevelsDexterityStrength
0-9Like they barely manage to stay standing.Like they would have trouble lifting small objects
10-19Very clumsyRather feeble
20-29Somewhat uncoordinatedSomewhat weak
30-39Moderately dexterousTo be of normal strength
40-49Somewhat agileSomewhat strong
50-59Very agileVery strong
60-69Extremely agileExtremely strong
70-79Extraordinarily agileExtraordinarily strong
80-89Moves like quicksilverStrong as an ox
90-99One of the fastest people you have ever seenOne of the strongest people you have ever seen
100+Superhumanly agileSuperhumanly strong

Animal Lore

  • Animal Lore 60.0+ and Veterinary 60.0+ will give a chance to cure pets with band aids.
  • Animal Lore 80.0+ and Veterinary 80.0+ will give a chance to resurrect dead (bonded) pets with band aids.
  • Animal lore at gm level gives one extra stable slot to stable pets.

Animal Taming


  • At Gm level, animal taming will give one extra slot in the stable


Pet Commands

Commands should be prefixed with the animal’s name or ‘all’; Rover come, all attack


ComeCalls the pet to you. Players having trouble with pets being herded away may find come works better than follow
DropThe pet drops any items it may have to the ground.
FollowTargeting cursor; target the player/creature to be followed.
Follow MePets will follow their owner
GuardCommands the pet to guard its master. You cannot guard another character or creature.
Kill, AttackTargeting cursor; target the creature/player to be attacked.
ReleaseSet your pet free. A gump pops up for confirmation before releasing the pet.
StayCommands the pet to stay where they are.
StopCommands the pet to stop what they are doing. If the pet is standing still, it will move one tile.
TransferTransfer or sell a pet. Targeting cursor; target the player to receive the pet. Upon targeting, a trade window appears between the two parties. Gold, items or nothing may be exchanged for the pet depending on the two player’s agreement.



  • There are no special combat moves with archery.
  • Archery is affected by tactics and anatomy modifiers.

Armor Modifiers

Magical armor

PrefixArmor Hitpoint BonusSuffixArmor Rating Bonus
Indestructible+25 this item can breakInvulnerability+25

Armor Ratings

Platemail armor rating

Ore TypeAROre TypeAR
dull copper46agapite56


Ringmail armor rating

Ringmail AR is shown for the four pieces of exceptional ringmail (pure), and for ringmail plus a gorget and plate helm to finish the set (full).

Ore TypePureFullOre TypePureFull
Dull Copper2232Agapite3042


Chainmail armor rating

Chainmail AR is shown for the three pieces of exceptional chainmail (pure), and for chainmail plus a gorget, plate gloves and plate arms to finish the set (full).

Ore TypePureFullOre TypePureFull
Dull Copper2437Agapite3147


Arm’s Lore

  •  Arm’s Lore 80.0+ and Wrestling 80.0+ gives the chance to disarm.

Condition of armor or weapons

Item conditionAssessment message
100%Brand new
90%Almost new
80%Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes
70%Fairly good condition
60%Suffered some wear and tear
50%Well used
40%Rather Battered
30%Somewhat badly damaged
20%Flimsy and not trustworthy
10%Falling Apart

Armor protection

Armor RatingAssessment message
31+Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection
26-30Offers excellent protection
21-25Is a superior defense against attack
16-20Serves as sturdy protection
11-15Offers some protection against blows
6-10Provides very little protection
1-5Provides almost no protection
0Offers no defense against attackers


Weapon damage

Average DamageAssessment message
26+Would be extraordinarily deadly
21-25Would be a superior weapon
16-20Would inflict serious damage and pain
11-15Likely hurt opponent a fair amount
6-10Would do some damage
3-5Would do minimal damage
0-2Might scratch their opponent slightly

Banking Commands


Bank commands must be said within seven tiles of a banker. Walls make no difference. Banking commands can be used outside most bank walls even with the banker inside the building.


  • bank – opens your bank box; can be said alone or in a sentence bank; open my bank box!
  • bank balance, statement – the banker will state the balance of gold in your bank.
  • Check [amount] – creates a check in the amount specified within your backpack. Minimum 5000 GP/maximum 100,000,000 GP
  • Withdraw [amount] – places the amount requested in your backpack in gold coins. You cannot withdraw more than you can carry with this command withdraw 2000


 Begging NPC responses

Npc ResponseMeaning
I feel sorry for thee… Thou dost not look trustworthy… no gold for thee today!The response you get from a Town Crier. You cannot beg from those.
Thou dost not look trustworthy… no gold for thee today!This NPC has no backpack, so it will never give a you any gold.
You are too far away…Stand closer to the NPC and try again
You couldn’t beg from it anywayYes you can; Stand closer to the NPC and try again
They seem unwilling to give you any moneyBegging failed
I feel sorry for thee… here have a gold coinBegging succeeded



  • At 50.0 skill, players can obtain a blacksmithing BOD.


 Skill requirements to smith colored ores

Ore TypeMin Smithy Skill
Dull Copper65.0

Boat Commands

Boats are refreshed by using the gangplank just like you would refresh a house by using the door. Boats have a nine day decay rate.


  • Forward – Moves the ship forward.
  • Backward, Back – Moves the ship back
  • Stop – Stops current ship movement.
  • Drop anchor – Toggles ship movement off.
  • Raise anchor – Toggles ship movement on.
  • Turn left, port – Left turn. If the boat is moving, it will turn and continue moving.
  • Left, Drift Left – Move left without turning the boat
  • Turn right, starboard – Right turn. If the boat is moving, it will turn and continue moving.
  • Right, Drift Right – Move right without turning the boat
  • Turn around, Come About – Turn around. If the boat is moving, it will turn and continue moving.
  • Forward Left, Forward Right, Backward Left, Backward Right, Back Left, Back Right – Move in the direction indicated.
  • One Forward, One left, One right, One Backward, One Back – Move one tile in the direction indicated, then stop.


  • Carpentry and Musicianship is needed to craft instruments.
  • Carpentry and Blacksmithing is needed to craft forges and anvils.
  • Carpentry and Tailoring is needed to craft looms, spinning wheels, dress forms,
    fishing poles, beds, training dummies, and pickpocket dips
  • Caprentry and Magery is needed to craft pentagrams and abbatiors.
  • Carpentry and Tinkering is needed to craft ovens and flour mills.
  • Carpenters with 91.0 skill can use a taxidermy kit.
  • Gm Carpenters can learn the skill Stone Crafting. No skill room is needed for this skill


Detecting Hidden

  • Detect Hidden 50.0+ and Lockpicking 50.0+ is required to train the Remove Trap skill.
  • Detect Hidden always works at gm level for players inside a friended, co-owned, or owned house. All players hidden inside the house will be revealed with this skill.



  • Gm level discordance drops creature stats by 18-20%
  • Required to provoke some creatures; use discordance on them first
  • Combines with musicianship, provocation, and peacemaking to increase fire horn damage
  • Gm Musicianship is required for this skill

Duel pit commands

  • Showladder – Shows your current rank.
  • Viewladder – Brings up a cursor to view another character’s rank.
  • I wish to duel – Brings up the dueling gump.
  • I yield – Yields from a duel.

Emotes and communication

The following UO commands can change the range your text can be seen or express action. A space always follows before the speech text:


  • ! – allows you to yell, your text seen further than the immediate screen ! Leather for Sale
  • ; – allows you to whisper, only those on the same tile or a tile beside you will see your text ; Everyone on the noob
  • : – used for emoting an action; the action comes up with an * on each side and in a different color (set in options) than normal text to indicate an emote : laughs
  • [g – used for communicating with guildmates; all online guildmates will see this text regardless of where they are in game. [g hey, who’s on?
  • / – used for communicating with party mates; all members of your party will see this text regardless of where they are in game. Often used for trade communication.  / how much for your sandals?


The following list of words can be used with the command [e to emote an action accompanied by an in-game sound.

  • ah
  • ahha
  • applaud, clap
  • blownose
  • burp
  • clearthroat
  • cough
  • bscough
  • cry
  • fart
  • gasp
  • giggle, laugh
  • groan
  • growl
  • hey
  • hiccup
  • huh
  • kiss
  • no
  • oh
  • oooh
  • oops
  • puke
  • scream
  • shush
  • sigh
  • sneeze
  • sniff
  • snore
  • spit
  • woohoo
  • whistle
  • yawn
  • yea
  • yell

Evaluating Intelligence


  • Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy = Defensive wrestling.
    [Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy]/2 = Level of Defensive Wrestling
  • Evaluating Intelligence is also involved in calculating the potential damage done by spellcasters. When you cast a spell, the potential damage is calculated based on several factors, such as the spell, its circle, your magery skill level, your eval int level and the victim’s resisting spells skill level.


Evaluating Intelligence result levels


DescriptionApproximate Intelligence
Slightly less than a rock1-9
Fairly stupid10-19
Not the brightest20-29
About Average30-39
Moderately intelligent40-49
Very intelligent50-59
Extremely intelligent60-69
Extraordinarily intelligent70-70
Like a formidable intellect, well beyond even the extraordinary80-80
Like a definite genius90-99
Superhumanly intelligent in a manner you cannot comprehend100+

Faction commands


  • There is no command to join factions. To participate, your character must go to the faction base of your choice. Use the stone outside the base to join. Each faction has its own signup stone.
  • There is no command to leave factions. To leave, your character must go to the faction stone inside the faction base. This is a different stone than the sign up stone. Use the stone and choose the leave faction option.
  • Leaving a faction is not immediate. It will take three days to be removed from the faction once you have left the faction by using the stone.
  • The following commands can be used by factioners. Some can only be used by specific members, the Commander for example.
    • Showscore, Punkte, Montrerscore – Displays your current kill points
    • What is my faction term status – Displays the time left before you are removed from factions; For players who have removed themselves from factions at the faction stone.
    • I honor your leadership – Target a player to transfer a portion of your killpoints to them. The targeted person must be in the same faction.
    • Message Faction – Used by the Commander; Enables the Faction Commander to send a message to all faction members.
    • I am sheriff – Used by the Sheriff to perform official duties; the Faction Commander must first assign the Sheriff.
    • I wish to access the city treasury – used by the Finance Minster to access the town finance options; the Faction Commander must assign the Finance Minister first.
    • Orders Attack [faction] – Faction guard command. When spoken in succession, the guard will attack members of the specified faction on sight.
    • Orders Follow – faction guard command. When spoken in succession, the guard will follow the faction member.
    • Orders Ignore [faction] – faction guard command. When spoken in succession, the guard will ignore all members of the specified faction.
    • Orders Patrol – faction guard command. When spoken in succession, the guard will patrol the immediate area around him.
    • Orders Warn [faction] – faction guard command. When spoken in succession, the guard will call out a warning when members of the specified faction are in the area.
    • You are fired – said by the Faction Commander to a faction guard, this command will dismiss the NPC.

Forensic Evaluation


  • Forensic Evaluation 100.0 can detect thieves



  • Alchemy 100.0 is required to learn glassblowing.
  • No skill room needed for this skill
  • Purchase the guide book from the glassblowing NPC and double click to learn

Guild commands


  • I resign from my guild – Leave the guild you are currently in.

Hide-bearing and resource creatures


Alligator24 spined1
Ancient Wyrm80 barbed1912
Bird (all)1 raw bird50
Black Bear24 hide1
Brown Bear24 hide1
Bull30 hide10
Bullfrog8 hide1
Centaur16 spined1
Chicken1 raw bird50
Cougar20 hide1
Cow24 hide8
Deep Sea Serpent18
Desert Ostard1
Dire Wolf14 spined1
Dragon40 barbed197 red
Drake40 horned102
Eagle1 raw bird72
Forest Ostard3
Frenzied Ostard3
Giant Ice Serpent30 spined4
Giant Rat12 hide1
Giant Serpent30 spined4
Giant Toad24 Spined
Goat16 hide2
Gorilla24 hide1
Great Hart306
Grey Wolf12 hide1
Grizzly Bear32 hide2
Harpy4 raw birds100
Hind16 hide5
Horse16 hide5
Ice Snake1
Ki-Rin20 horned3
Lava Lizard24 spined
Lava Serpent30 spined4 ribs  
Lava Snake1
Lizardman24 spined1  
Llama24 hide1
Mountain Goat24 hide2
Nightmare20 barbed5
Pack Horse20 hide3
Pack Llama1
Panther20 hide1
Polar Bear32 hide2 rib
Rabbit2 hide1
Ratman16 spined
Ratman Archer16 spined
Ratman Mage16 spined
Ridable Llama24 hide1
Ridgeback24 spined1
Sea Serpent20 horned8
Serpentine Dragon40 barbed196
Sewer Rat1
Shadow Wyrm40 barbed1910
Sheep6 wool3 raw leg of lamb
Silver Serpent1
Skeletal Dragon40 barbed19
Snow Leopard16 hide1
Swampdragon40 hide195 green
Timber Wolf10 hide1
Vorpal Bunny2 hide1  
Walrus24 hide1
White Wolf12 hide1
Wyvern40 horned10

House commands


  • Owner Commands
    • I wish to secure this – used to secure a container. The chest has limited access according to the security level set – owner, co-owner, friends, or anyone. In a classic house the owner must release and re-secure a container to change the security level. Custom housing provides a gump on the container for security levels.
    • I wish to place a trash barrel – places a trash barrel on the tile you stand on. To move the trash barrel, stand on a new tile and repeat the command. To remove a trash barrel, use a hatchet/axe on the barrel.
    • Deeded house addons (loom, forge, etc) can only be added or removed by the owner. To re-deed these items, use an axe/hatchet on them. The deed appears in the owners pack.
      • A newbie hatchet is a handy tool for a house owner, available to any toon starting with lumberjacking
  • Co-owner, owner commands
    • I wish to release this – to release locked down and secured items. Secured items must be released by the owner.
    • I wish to lock this down – locks down the container or item. Items in locked containers become locked inside the container.
    • I wish to place a strongbox – Used by the co-owner to provide a secured container for them. This container is not accessible by the owner. To remove the container the co-owner must be removed from the housing list. An axe is then used on the box to remove it.
  • Friends, co-owners, owners commands
    • Remove thyself – gives a target for ejecting a player/creature. Those ejected can reenter the house.
    • I ban thee – Ejects the player/creature and sets a permanent ban for their reentry. Banned players stay banned until the ban is lifted by an owner or co-owner.

House Stages


StageStage DurationTime in DaysPercentage of Total Time
Like New33 min. 32 sec..0232900.0 – 00.4
Slightly Worn83 hours 51 min. 36 sec.3.4941700.5 – 24.9
Somewhat Worn83 hours 51 min. 36 sec.3.4941725.0 – 49.9
Fairly Worn83 hours 51 min. 36 sec.3.4941750.0 – 74.9
Greatly Worn67 hours 5 min. 12 sec.2.7953475.0 – 94.9
IDOC16 hours 46 min. 19 sec..6988395.0 – 100



  • Inscription gives a bonus to defensive spells. No bonus is given for offensive spells.
    • Reactive armor – lasts longer
    • Protection – increase protection disrupt rate from 50% to 75% for three minutes
    • Magic reflection – increase magic reflection circles from 8 to 15 circles.
      If you are not gm in inscription, the number of circles you can reflect can be calculated as:
      1 + (Magery + Inscription) /100) x 7 = circles of reflection

Miscellaneous commands


  • I must consider my sins – displays your current short term and long term murder counts on your character.
  • Order Shield/Chaos Shield – said to an order/chaos guard to recieve a shield of the same alignment.

NPC commands

Use the following commands with npcs. The commands other than escorts, should be preceded by the NPCs name. Sally buy


  • All NPCs
    • time – the NPC will tell you the time of day
    • move – the NPC will move one tile
  • Merchant NPCs
    • Merchant NPCs will respond if their name is replaced with the word vendor. The closest NPC to you will respond. Vendor buy
    • Buy – a gump appears as two scrolls, showing the vendors inventory
    • Sell – a gump appears listing items you carry that the npc is willing to purchase.
    • Train, Teach – the NPC will offer a list of skills they can train
    • Train [skill] – the NPC will inform of the amount of gold needed to train. Any portion of this amount can be dropped on the vendor; training points received proportional to the gold given.
  • Guildmaster NPCs
    • join. The guildmaster will inform you of the gold needed to join their guild. Drop this amount on the vendor.
  • Nobles; Escorts
    • Destination – the NPC will inform you where he/she needs to go.
    • I will take thee – accepts the escort. The noble character will follow you by foot and through gates. Once you have brought the escort to their destination, payment is given.

Pet commands

Preface the command with the pets name or ‘all’. Rover stay; All attack


  • Stay – commands the pet to stay put and to stop following you.
  • Follow (target) – commands the pet to follow a target.
  • Kill (target) – commands the pet to attack a target.
  • Guard (target) – commands the pet to guard a target.
  • Stop – commands the pet to stop all actions; pets already stopped will move away
  • Release – reverses taming. Releases pet back into the. wild
  • Transfer (target) – Opens a trade window for the pet with the targeted player.
  • Drop – the pet drops any loot they may be carrying. Used on creatures like nightmares and dragons.

Player vendor commands

Use the following commands with your house vendors. These can only be used by the player who owns the vendor.


  • [vendorname] collect – the vendor will ask you how much you want to collect. Leave enough to keep them paid if they are to be used further. Enter the amount you want to take as speech and hit enter. A check for that amount is deposited in your bank. Fred collect
  • vendor collect – the closest vendor you own from a tile away will deposit everything they have in your account.
  • [vendor name] dismiss – the vendor disappears. Be sure everything you want to keep has been taken off the vendor. Martha dismiss

Reputation – fame/karma titles


 0 – 12491250 – 24992500 – 49995000 – 999910 000+
10 000 and up
TrustworthyEstimableGreatGloriousGlorious Lord
Glorious Lady
9 999 – 5 000
HonestCommendableFamedIllustriousIllustrious Lord
Illustrious Lady
4 999 – 2 500
GoodHonorableAdmirableNobleNoble Lord
Noble Lady
2 499 – 1 250
KindRespectableProperEminentEminent Lord
Eminent Lady
1 249 – 625
FairUpstandingReputableDistinguishedDistinguished Lord
Distinguished Lady
624 – -624
no titleNotableProminentRenownedLord; Lady
-625 – -1 249
RudeDisreputableNotoriousInfamousDishonored Lord
Dishonored Lady
-1 250 – -2 499
UnsavoryDishonorableIgnobleSinisterSinister Lord
Sinister Lady
-2 500 – -4 999
ScoundrelMaliciousVileVillianousDark Lord
Dark Lady
-5 000 – -9 999
DespicableDastardlyWickedEvilEvil Lord
Evil Lady
-10 000 or less
OutcastWretchedNefariousDreadDread Lord
Dread Lady

Shrine commands

The following words unlock your karma at the corresponding shrine


  • bal – Chaos Shrine
  • mu – Compassion Shrine
  • ahm – Honesty Shrine
  • summ – Honor Shrine
  • lum – Humility Shrine
  • beh – Justice Shrine
  • cah – Sacrifice Shrine
  • om – Spirtuality Shrine
  • ra – Valor Shrine

Stable commands

The following words are used with a stablemaster, animal trainer or ranger


  • Claim – retrieves all pets stabled
  • Claim list – Lists all pets stabled. Choose the pet to be retrieved.
  • Stable, Stall – target pet to be stabled. You cannot stable a pack animal with items in its pack.



  • Requires GM carpentry to learn
  • No skill room required
  • Purchase the guide book from the stonecrafting NPC and double click to learn



Travel commands

  • Recdu – activates the teleporter in the mage shop north of Moonglow. The teleporter will take you to Papua’s mage shop.
  • Recsu – activates the teleporter in Papua’s mage shop. The teleporter will take you to the mage shop north of Moonglow.
  • Doracron – activates the serpent pillars in Britannia’s waters and transports you to the Lost Lands.
  • Sueacron – activates the serpent pillars in the Lost Land and transports you to Britannia.


Veteran privileges

  • House Storage
    • 3 years: 5% storage bonus
    • 4 years: 10% storage bonus
    • 5 years: 20% storage bonus
  • Bank Capacity
    • 1 years: 150 items
    • 2 years: 175 items
    • 3 years: 200 items
    • 4 years: 225 items
    • 5 years: 250 items

Veteran rewards

Veteran rewards can be used only by players of the minimum age for that item. For example, you need to be 60 days old to use the leather dye tub, whether you obtain one from the reward menu or buy one from another player.

  • 1 month (30 days)
    • Black dye tub
    • Special dye tub
    • Furniture dye tub
    • Bronze +2 AR cloak
    • Bronze +2 AR robe
    • Copper +2 AR cloak
    • Copper +2 AR robe
    • Choice of one of 14 mini-monster statues:
      • Dragon
      • Skeleton
      • Troll
      • Orc
      • Deamon
      • Ettin
      • Earth Elemental
      • Gargoyle
      • Gorilla
      • Crocodile
      • Lich
      • Lizard Man
      • Ogre
      • Ratman
  • 2 Months (60 days)
    • one month rewards remain as an option
    • Agapite +2 AR cloak
    • Agapite +2 AR robe
    • Golden +2 AR cloak
    • Golden +2 AR robe
    • Leather Dye-tub


  • 3 Months (90 days)
    • one & two month rewards remain as an option
    • Ethereal mount (horse, ostard, or llama)
    • Verite +2 AR cloak
    • Verite +2 AR robe
    • Valorite +2 AR cloak
    • Valorite +2 AR robe
    • Choice of one of three mini-monster statues
      • Zombie
      • Cow
      • Llama
  • 4 Months (120 days)
    • one – three month rewards remain as an option
    • One of three possible, +2 AR cloaks
      • Ice Green, Ice Blue, or Dark Gray
    • One of three possible, +2 AR robes
      • Ice Green, Ice Blue, or Dark Gray
    • Runebook/runestone dye tub
    • Choice of one of the following statuettes
      • Ophidian Warrior
      • Reaper
      • Mongbat
    • Ethereal mount (unicorn, kirin, or ridgeback)


  • 5 months (150 days)
    • one – four month rewards remain as an option
    • One of three possible, +2 AR cloaks
      • Fire, Ice White, Jet Black
    • One of three possible, +2 AR robes
      • Fire, Ice White, Jet Black
    • Vet Reward Statuette dye tub
    • Choice of one of the following statuettes
      • Gazer
      • Fire Elemental
      • Wolf
    • Ethereal mount (giant beetle or swamp dragon)
  • 6 months+
    • Reward credits continue to accumulate 1 per month
    • No other rewards are added to the reward menu

Weapons – runic


Ore TypeModifiersOre TypeModifiers
Dull CopperDurable; Accurate;GoldIndestructable; Eminently Accurate; Force
ShadowDurable; RuinAgapiteIndestructable; Eminently Accurate; Power
CopperFortified; Surpassingly Accurate; RuinVeriteIndestructable; Exceedingly Accurate; Power
BronzeFortified; Surpassingly Accurate; MightValoriteIndestructable; Supremely Accurate; Vanquishing



  • Wrestling 80.0+ and Anatomy 80.0+ gives the ability to stun punch.
  • Wrestling 80.0+ and Armslore 80.0+ gives the ability to disarm.
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