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The deadly trade of assassination

To kill ones foes, some turn to the vocation of poisoning. Able to poison food, or the tips of bladed weapons for use in combat, poisoners can apply a wide range of poisons available from alchemists.



To poison something click the skill use gem, target the poison potion you wish to consume, and then target the food or weapon you wish to apply your poison to. Poisoning is dangerous work and failure can cause you to poison yourself. When poisoned weapons are used in combat, the warrior wielding this weapon would be smart to carry an oil cloth with him. Poison is corrosive and once the poison charges on a weapon are consumed, the weapon should be wiped clean to avoid damage to the weapon.



Poisoning is delicate work, and in training this skill to GM you will consume a lot of poison potions. It is ill advised to macro this skill as poisoning yourself cannot be predicted, but many do try. To train poisoning, you will have to start with a low level poison, and work your way up to deadly poison.

da Vinci would like to add:

note – this guide was used using fresh character 0-GM Poison first skill
1 – Buy from Vandoren NPC outside Brit bank
*from here prepare to cure & heal, helps to use cure / heal potions or have dexxer / mage standing by to help if needed.
2 – Use lesser poison potions on cooked bird to real skill 57.8
3 – Use poison potions on cooked bird to real skill 68.6
4 – Use greater poison potions on cooked bird to real skill 96.0
5 – Use deadly poison potions on cooked bird to GM

+1 Skill Scrolls are available for this skill

final note – estimated cost 0-GM Posion 100 to 150k gold


Complementary skills

A poisoner, may be well served to learn the work of an alchemist, in order to brew his own potions. This skill can be found in the templates of thieves and warriors, as well as a few smiths looking to increase the value of their weapons. Poisoning also passively augments archery, GM poisoning and GM archery adds a 20% chance to poison your archery target.


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