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Pet skill gems

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Pet skill gems enable amazing abilities for your pets, not available otherwise.

There are two basic pet gems

These gems are available to all pets above level 10, and will augment your pet to create gold in your pack on proc from a monster it kills, or make them immune to poison in PvM environments.

The more powerful skill gems are the ones that are available to specific pets

These gems add powerful offensive abilities to these magical pets and are available at level 1.  These abilities also increase in strength with each successive level.

Gold Skill gem

  • Any pet level 10 and above
  • Drop location: Rift bosses and Dungeon bosses

Poison Immune skill gem

  • Any pet level 10 and above
  • Drop location: Barracoon champ spawn

Poison Strike Gem

  • Cu Sidhe only
  • Drop location: Mephitis champion spawn

AOE Flamestrike skill gem

  • Dragon only
  • Drop location: Rikktor champ spawn

AOE Lightning skill gem

  • Revenant Steed only
  • Drop location: Lord Oaks champ spawn

Blizzard skill gem

  • White Wrym only
  • Drop location: Semidar champ spawn

Raise Undead skill gem

  • Revenant Wyrm only
  • Drop location: Neira champ spawn
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