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Pet leveling system guide

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So you want a better pet?

Well prepare to work for it, pet leveling is one of the most time consuming activities on UO: Hybrid. While it does take a large amount of time to level your pet, there are rewards! Available rewards to leveling your pet include stat boosts (up to maximum for the particular pet in each available stat) and unlocking pet gems. Pet gems add unique skills for your pet, some of which can be very powerful.


Pet spawning

As each animal or monster is spawned by the game, just like its stats are randomized within a range, its maximum pet level is randomly selected between 2 and 15. This maximum level is not able to be determined by a player, until the pet is tamed. All pets spawn at level 1 with 0 experience.


Pet experience

Once you have tamed your pet, if you plan to level it, you would be advised to bond the pet first. Losing a pet that you have worked hard to level would be quite devastating. To level your pet, you will need to have your pet kill other animals or monsters. Each animal or monster awards a set amount of experience, harder to kill mobs will award higher amounts of experience. It should be noted that if other players or pets share in the killing of a mob, the experience gain will be split among those players and pets.


Gaining levels

To gain a level, your pet will need to gain all of the experience required to reach the next level. This amount is listed on the animal lore gump, and increases with each level gained. As you gain a level your pet will display an animation and play a sound, also it will unlock stat points that you can assign to empower your pet.


The animal lore gump

To learn about your pet use the animal lore skill on the pet in question, this will bring up the animal lore gump. This gump provides a lot of information about your pet’s leveling process and any equipped gems. This gump is also the location that you will pick to assign stat points earned in order to bolster your pet’s stats.


This is the characteristics tab on the leveling page. It will tell you everything you need to know about the pet’s leveling progress and if you have any earned stat traits to spend.

Clicking on the blue gem next to the pet experience bar on the characteristics tab on the leveling page, will create a pop out gump with your pets experience bar.


This movable pop out experience bar can be opened from the animal lore gump leveling page.

The skills tab on the leveling page will tell you if the pet has acquired any pet gem skills.


This is the attributes tab on the leveling page. Here you can select to raise hit points, stamina, or mana on your pet with an available stat traits point.


Pet gems

Pets on UO: Invictus have access to unlock special abilities through the pet gem system.  Pet gems unlock skills that can be very powerful whether awarding extra gold, making your pet poison immune or even adding special offensive abilities.  Some gems unlock at level one (pet specific offensive ability gems) and some gems are available to all pets (gold and poison immune) and unlock at level 10.  The gems that unlock special offensive abilities have increasing effects for each level gained by your pet.



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