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Experts in gathering raw materials

Mining is used to gather ore to be smelted into metal ingots, stone, and sand. Mining is one of the most important gathering skills in the game, with smiths dependent upon it for the creation of the vast majority of weapons and armor.

Less important, but still of note are stone and sand, used in the creation of furniture and blown glass respectively. Both of these materials will require you to obtain a guide from a related vendor in order to “learn” to harvest these materials with your pickaxe. Purchase the guide and double click the book, then you will be able set your pickaxe accordingly.


Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 through the use of power scrolls.



Mining is trained by mining for ore or smelting ore at a forge. There is no easy way to macro or automate this gathering process, and unattended gathering is illegal. Mining is one of the best means of training your strength, as there are very few weak miners.

A list of the skill requirements for the differently colored ores


Ore TypeMin Mining Skill
Dull Copper65.0
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