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Magery is used to cast any of the 64 spells that make up the mage’s spellbook with the use of a combination of the 8 available reagents and mana. These 64 spells are divided equally into 8 circles with each circle being more powerful, requiring more skill and mana to cast, and requiring more time to cast. Your intelligence while providing a larger mana pool for spellcasting, also increases the damage of offensive spells. Most mages opt to train to a high intelligence.



Each spell you cast will require one of 1-4 different types of reagents. The available reagents are: black pearl, nightshade, mandrake root, ginseng, spider’s silk, garlic, sulfurous ash, and blood moss. Any mage would be prudent to travel with a fairly large stock of each of these 8 reagents.



Many mages will choose to use their skills in combat. Keep in mind that your mana pool is not infinite, so it is recommended to also train in meditation for its bonus to mana regeneration. While spellcasting, if damaged by physical combat, there is a chance your spell cast will be interrupted. For this reason, many mages train in wrestling for its chance to dodge physical attacks.



Training magery is one of the most expensive endeavors in the game, you would be well advised to seek out the training of a NPC prior to starting your path as a mage. Even if you do not plan to have meditation in your final build, it is advisable to train magery first, with meditation as a complement to speed your training. Most mages will pick a spell of lower cost (in available reagents) or ease to cast within their training location and use this spell until gains are no longer available from this circle of spells. After “completion” of a circle of spells simply pick a spell in the next highest circle and train with that until you finish the next circle.

For macroing magery, it is highly advisable to check your macro often, as a your macro will only work for you for each circle, requiring a change of plan for each new circle.

Common macros include:

  • Restocking agent
  • Casting your spell
  • Target if necessary
  • Healing damage if applicable
  • Meditation

Another tip on macroing your magery would be that most players training magery will also require resisting spells training. Simply picking offensive spells, targeting yourself, and healing the damage would do well to train both spells. Anyone picking this method would be wise in circle 7 to select mana vampire, as it does train resisting spells but does not apply damage. As magery and resisting spells are two of the hardest and most expensive skills to train, anyone selecting them for a build would be advised to train these two spells before all others.




Available spells


SpellReagents RequiredMana Required
First Circle  
reactive armorgarlic, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash4
clumsybloodmoss, nightshade4
create foodgarlic, ginseng, mandrake root4
feeblemindnightshade, ginseng4
healgarlic, ginseng, spider’s silk4
magic arrowsulfurous ash4
night sightspider’s silk, sulfurous ash4
weakengarlic, nightshade4
Second Circle  
agilitybloodmoss, mandrake root6
cunningmandrake root, nightshade6
curegarlic, ginseng6
harmnightshade, spider’s silk6
magic trapgarlic, sulfurous ash, spider’s silk6
magic untrapbloodmoss, sulfurous ash6
protectiongarlic, ginseng, sulfurous ash6
strengthmandrake root, nightshade6
Third Circle  
blessgarlic, mandrake root9
fireballblack pearl9
magic lockbloodmoss, garlic, sulfurous ash9
telekinesisgarlic, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash9
telportbloodmoss, mandrake root9
unlockbloodmoss, sulfurous ash9
wall of stonebloodmoss, garlic9
Fourth Circle  
arch curegarlic, ginseng, mandrake root11
arch protectiongarlic, ginseng, mandrake root, sulfurous ash11
cursegarlic, nightshade, sulfurous ash11
fire fieldblack pearl, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash11
greater healgarlic, ginseng, mandrake root, spider’s silk11
lightningmadrake root, sulfurous ash11
mana drainblack pearl, mandrake root, spider’s silk11
recallblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root11
Fifth Circle  
blade spiritsblack pearl, mandrake root, nightshade14
dispel fieldgarlic, black pearl, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash14
incognitobloodmoss, garlic, nightshade14
magic refelctiongarlic, mandrake root, spider’s silk14
mind blastblack pearl, mandrake root, nightshade, sulfurous ash14
paralyzegarlic, mandrake root, spider’s silk14
poison fieldblack pearl, nightshade, spider’s silk14
summon creaturebloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk14
Sixth Circle  
dispelgarlic, mandrake root, sulfurous ash20
energy boltblack pearl, nightshade20
explosionbloodmoss, mandrake root20
invisibilitybloodmoss, nightshade20
markblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root20
mass cursegarlic, mandrake root, nightshade, sulfurous ash20
paralyze fieldblack pearl, ginseng, spider’s silk20
revealbloodmoss, sulfurous ash20
Seventh Circle  
chain lightningblack pearl, mandrake root, blood moss, sulfurous ash40
energy fieldblack pearl, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash40
flamestrikespider’s silk, sulfurous ash40
gate travelblack pearl, mandrake root, sulfurous ash40
mana vampireblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk40
mass dispelblack pearl, garlic, mandrake root, sulfurous ash40
meteor swarmbloodmoss, spider’s silk, mandrake root, sulfurous ash40
polymorphbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk40
Eighth Circle  
earthquakebloodmoss, ginseng, mandrake root, sulfurous ash50
energy vortexblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root, nightshade50
resurrectionbloodmoss, garlic, ginseng50
summon air elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk50
summon daemonblood moss, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash50
summon earth elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk50
summon fire elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash50
summon water elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk50
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