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It takes great skill to access what is secured

Those with the skill of lockpicking will find that their services can be in high demand. The ability to pick the lock of a chest, in a dungeon or on a treasure hunt can prove quite rewarding.



To pick locks you will require a supply of tools, lockpicks can be bought or made by a tinker. Just double click the lockpick and target the chest you wish to unlock. If successful the lock will be unlocked, in failure you may consume the lockpick.



To train in lockpicking you will need a set of lockable containers, preferably with the keys so that you may relock them. This skill does lend itself to be trained with a macro. You will need to check it on occasion if your skill has risen above the difficulty of the box you are currently lockpicking. GM tinker crafted boxes will raise your skill to approximately 95. In order to GM lockpicking, you will either need to find harder locks to pick or utilize faction skill loss mechanics.

To macro this skill you will need an assortment of increasingly difficult locked containers (made by carpenters with different tinkering skill levels):

  • Use the key on the box
  • Use the lockpick by type
  • Target the box

This will upon failure attempt picking an unlocked box, but this loop will get you to the next highest level of tinkered crate, then change your crate target to the more difficult crate.



Complementary skills

Generally found in the template of treasure hunters, the occasional thief will use this skill in his or her build. For training you could use this along side tinkering and carpentry to make your own practice chests, though these skills are generally not kept in the final lockpicker’s skillset.


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