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King of the Hill

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The goal of King of the Hill is simple… to become “King” of a place in the arena and stay “king” as long as possible. You become “King” by standing on the point. Its that easy.

How to Play

King of the Hill on Hybrid is a team game. The game can handle up to 8 teams and up to 4 “hills” in one game.

A “hill” is a single tile. Only one person may stand on the tile at any time (others trying to stand on the tile while someone is already on it will be “rubber-banded” off of it). The person standing on the tile is unable to cast any spells or use any potions. They must rely on their teammates to heal them. They can, however, simply move off of the tile at any time.

Thus, once someone has control of the hill, the only way to “take” control of it is to kill them or force them to willingly leave the hill in order to heal themselves. The player on the hill is ‘king of the hill’.


Points are awarded when a player on any of the opposing teams is killed.
If you kill the current “king of the hill” you are awarded 4 additional points.

A more effective means of scoring is to become “king of the hill.”.
For every 10 seconds you are “king of the hill” you are awarded 10 points.
Points are not awarded for partial time periods (thus, if you are king of the hill for 9 seconds you get nothing, if you are king of the hill for 19 seconds you get only 10 points, but if you are king for 20 seconds you will get 20 points).

Note: This value (10 points for 10 seconds) is configurable in game and may change depending on the day and the arena. The number of seconds required for capture will always be the same as the number of points awarded for that capture.

While you are “king of the hill” a timer will be displayed at your feet indicating how many seconds are left until you “capture” again (and are awarded more points). Everyone in the area can see this timer.

The Arena

Of course, it is likely that more KotH arenas will be built as time goes on. The explanation below is for the “original” KotH arena which will probably be used the most.

This image shows the “upper level” of the center of the KotH arena. The “hill” is colored bright gold, and teleporters used to reach this level are shown in blue and red.
The small insert shows a mini-map of the arena. Each blue X marks a starting location for each of the 4 teams. The “hills” are located at the center of the map (denoted by a yellow X).
This arena actually contains 2 “hills.” They are both located dead center of the map directly on top of each other, one of them (shown as the gold tile) is at the top of a large tower, and the other is on the ground floor of this tower (accessed by entering the tower as shown by the white arrows).

King of the Hill Specifics

  • timed event
  • free consume
  • server-assigned teams
  • prizes awarded for first, second and third place (dependent on number of players joining and their rank.)
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