UO Invictus

Item Identification

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Information is available to those who know where to look

Item identification can inform the user with quite a large amount of data on a variety of items on UO: Invictus. Most commonly used to identify freshly acquired magical items. This skill will permanently reveal the magical affixes of a magical weapon or piece of armor. This skill is commonly found on the templates of crafters and on the occasional bank sitting mule.


Click the skill use gem for item identification and select the item you wish to learn about.


Probably the fastest skill to train in the game and completely free, very few will select to start with this skill or train it from a NPC. This can be easily trained with a macro targeting almost any item in your bag, with a small delay for the skill use timer.


It should be noted that magical wands exist in the game that accomplish the same task as this ability, with a limit to their use per wand. As such, few players will incorporate this on a commonly used toon.

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