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Inscription is a crafting skill for creating magic scrolls for the use of casting spells. In practice, a scribe uses a pen and ink along with blank scrolls and reagents and mana to create usable magical scrolls.


Player vs. Player

Inscription affords a bonus to resisting spells, it increases the number of circles that can be reflected by magic reflect from 8 to 15 and adds a bonus to the damage absorption of reactive armor. It is of note that these bonuses, while valuable in PvP combat, do also provide the same protection in defense against PvM content.



Inscription is trained similar to magery in that you will need to select a spell to craft in one circle and then move up to higher circles as your skill increases. It is highly advisable to also select meditation for your build with a scribe as creating scrolls and training inscription is very mana intensive.

To macro inscription you will need large stores of reagents, a massive number of blank scrolls and a lot of scribe’s pens.

  • Use a restock agent to add a blank scroll and the necessary reagents
  • Use scribe’s pen by type (you want a large number of these in your pack)
  • Choose the scroll to create
  • Use meditation

You will need to check this macro fairly often to make sure you have enough pens and for when you will have to edit your macro for a spell in a higher circle.


Available items to craft


ScrollReagents RequiredMana RequiredMinimum SkillBlank Scrolls
First Circle    
reactive armorgarlic, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash40.01
clumsybloodmoss, nightshade40.01
create foodgarlic, ginseng, mandrake root40.01
feeblemindnightshade, ginseng40.01
healgarlic, ginseng, spider’s silk40.01
magic arrowsulfurous ash40.01
night sightspider’s silk, sulfurous ash40.01
weakengarlic, nightshade40.01
Second Circle    
agilitybloodmoss, mandrake root60.01
cunningmandrake root, nightshade60.01
curegarlic, ginseng60.01
harmnightshade, spider’s silk60.01
magic trapgarlic, sulfurous ash, spider’s silk60.01
magic untrapbloodmoss, sulfurous ash60.01
protectiongarlic, ginseng, sulfurous ash60.01
strengthmandrake root, nightshade60.01
Third Circle    
blessgarlic, mandrake root93.51
fireballblack pearl93.51
magic lockbloodmoss, garlic, sulfurous ash93.51
telekinesisgarlic, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash93.51
telportbloodmoss, mandrake root93.51
unlockbloodmoss, sulfurous ash93.51
wall of stonebloodmoss, garlic93.51
Fourth Circle    
arch curegarlic, ginseng, mandrake root1117.81
arch protectiongarlic, ginseng, mandrake root, sulfurous ash1117.81
cursegarlic, nightshade, sulfurous ash1117.81
fire fieldblack pearl, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash1117.81
greater healgarlic, ginseng, mandrake root, spider’s silk1117.81
lightningmadrake root, sulfurous ash1117.81
mana drainblack pearl, mandrake root, spider’s silk1117.81
recallblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root1117.81
Fifth Circle    
blade spiritsblack pearl, mandrake root, nightshade1432.11
dispel fieldgarlic, black pearl, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash1432.11
incognitobloodmoss, garlic, nightshade1432.11
magic refelctiongarlic, mandrake root, spider’s silk1432.11
mind blastblack pearl, mandrake root, nightshade, sulfurous ash1432.11
paralyzegarlic, mandrake root, spider’s silk1432.11
poison fieldblack pearl, nightshade, spider’s silk1432.11
summon creaturebloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk1432.11
Sixth Circle    
dispelgarlic, mandrake root, sulfurous ash2046.41
energy boltblack pearl, nightshade2046.41
explosionbloodmoss, mandrake root2046.41
invisibilitybloodmoss, nightshade2046.41
markblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root2046.41
mass cursegarlic, mandrake root, nightshade, sulfurous ash2046.41
paralyze fieldblack pearl, ginseng, spider’s silk2046.41
revealbloodmoss, sulfurous ash2046.41
Seventh Circle    
chain lightningblack pearl, mandrake root, blood moss, sulfurous ash4060.71
energy fieldblack pearl, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash4060.71
flamestrikespider’s silk, sulfurous ash4060.71
gate travelblack pearl, mandrake root, sulfurous ash4060.71
mana vampireblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk4060.71
mass dispelblack pearl, garlic, mandrake root, sulfurous ash4060.71
meteor swarmbloodmoss, spider’s silk, mandrake root, sulfurous ash4060.71
polymorphbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk4060.71
Eighth Circle    
earthquakebloodmoss, ginseng, mandrake root, sulfurous ash5075.01
energy vortexblack pearl, bloodmoss, mandrake root, nightshade5075.01
resurrectionbloodmoss, garlic, ginseng5075.01
summon air elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk5075.01
summon daemonblood moss, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash5075.01
summon earth elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk5075.01
summon fire elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk, sulfurous ash5075.01
summon water elementalbloodmoss, mandrake root, spider’s silk5075.01
ItemScrolls and SuppliesMana RequiredSkill RequiredBlank Scrolls
Runebooks1 recall scroll,1 gate scroll, 1 unmarked rune045.08
Bulk Order Book 065.010
Spellbook 050.010
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