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The skill of moving animals

Those wishing control or the creatures of UO: Invictus may find themselves interested in herding. Able to instruct animals to move with nothing but a simple shepard’s crook. This power can and is often used against an enemy animal tamer’s pets. Many herders on UO: Invictus were created with the evil intention of stealing a pet from an unaware tamer.


To herd an animal, double click your Shepard’s crook and target the animal you wish to herd, and the tile you wish them to move to.


One of the easier skills to train in the game, you should not waste your time starting with this skill, though a bit of training from an NPC will get you successfully started macroing. To macro this skill simply choose to herd the animal in question to two different points, with a small delay between attempts. You will find that this skill is easily trained with a macro unless your animal in question dies, so plan accordingly.

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