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The cheapest and easiest means of healing damage

This skill is commonly employed by the dexterous warrior, as it requires no magery and only simple cloth bandages. A healer with high levels of skill can cure poison or even raise the dead with his simple bandage.


To engage this skill simply use the skill and target a player or human NPC. A healer with 60 healing and 60 anatomy can cure poison, and with 80 healing and 80 anatomy a healer is able to resurrect the dead.


This skill is trained by healing damage, curing or resurrecting other players. One of the easiest and most common methods of training this skill is through the use of sparring. Warriors who usually equip lesser weapons will attack each other, while healing each other at the same time. Macroing this activity is fairly simple, just requiring applying the bandage and a reasonable delay. Be sure to check on occasion that you or your sparring partner’s weapons have not broken, as wrestling will hardly cause the damage needed for skill gain. It is of note that you can raise this skill to GM without curing or resurrecting, a player may find greater gains in these actions but the possibility of a more difficult or dangerous means of training.

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