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Focus is a skill used by mages to augment their meditation. It provides a passive benefit to mana regeneration (25% with GM meditation and 12.5% with 0 meditation). One of the defining features of focus is that at GM focus and GM meditation you can meditate while moving. You will still be interrupted through other means, such as using items or being struck in combat.


Player vs. Player

Mana is a resource that all mages need in great quantity. The ability to regenerate mana faster than your opponent can be a supreme advantage if leveraged in combat. To those choosing to GM focus and GM meditation together will find chasing their foes in combat to be to their advantage with this combination of skills.



The only means of gaining in focus is through passive mana regeneration. There are two means to train or macro this skill. The first and most popular would be through the use of spells to expend mana, and then waiting upon passive mana regeneration to train focus. The second method would be through the clever use of a magical wizard’s hat, available at any mage shop.

To macro with the magical wizard’s hat:

  • Equip the hat to gain 5 maximum mana (with an object delay)
  • Regenerate mana until full
  • Remove the hat to remove the bonus intellect and mana (with an object delay)


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