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Fencing is the use of piercing weapons in combat such as daggers and spears. Some of the fastest melee weapons available on UO: Invictus are fencing weapons. Two handed fencing weapons, such as the long spear, will have the chance to apply a paralyzing blow to your opponent, stunning them for a short while.



Unlike most skills on UO: Invictus, training with a NPC prior to beginning your path would most assuredly be a waste of gold. The simplest means of training this skill is to engage in melee combat while equipped with a weapon in the fencing category. Common choices are the long spear and the kryss.

A common method of macroing this skill is to spar with a friend while cross healing each other with band aids. Both of your chosen weapon skills and tactics levels will rise along with each other until GM. Most choose this method while using some of the lowest damaging weapons such as a dagger.

A list of available fencing weapons on UO: Invictus


Weapon Name:Long spearShort spearKryssForkPitchfork
Weapon Speed:4650534545
Dice #22114
Dice Face181526294
Effective Min:28.8834.1331.5034.1334.13
Effective Max:118.13107.6397.13107.6365.63
Effective Spread:89.2573.5065.6373.5031.50
Effective Average:73.5070.8864.3170.8849.88
Effective DPS:45.0847.2545.4542.5329.93



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