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Duels are played as a single battle between teams in a tournament style event.
Teams are made of 1 player per team for a 1v1, two players per team for a 2v2, three players for a 3v3, etc.
Duel events can also be 1v1v1v1v1 or 2v2v2 or even 10v10.

Teams are paired off to fight according to the event rules. In each round, the teams have a chance to battle an opposing team to the death. The server will pull the teams to their arena to begin battle.

The surviving team continues on to the next round.
The losing team is out. There is no second chance if you lose.

When all teams in the round have completed their battle, the next round begins.
If an event has an odd number of teams join, one team is randomly picked for a free pass. They will continue to the next round as if they have fought and won. A team cannot get more than one free pass in an event.
The rounds continue until all teams, save one, have been eliminated.

  • Champion of Britain is a 1v1 duel event held every second saturday.
  • The Wednesday Night Showdown is a 2v2 duel event held every wednesday night.

Duel Specifics

  • last man standing
  • consumed resources and items
  • single player or teams picked by the players at sign up for multi-player teams (e.g. 2v2)
  • prizes awarded for first, second, and third place (dependent on number of players joining and their rank.)
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