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Double Domination

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Double Domination is a two-team, timed event. Teams are picked randomly by the server.
Like CTF, the event is won by scoring the most points in a set period of time.

The object of the game is control of the way points.

How to play:

In the arena, there are two “way points.” Points are scored by controlling both way points at the same time for 10 seconds.

When you move over a way point, the center tile changes color to match your team color, indicating you have captured the way point. When your team controls both points, the outside stairs will begin to change colors. When the entire way point is your team’s color, you have scored.

The way point will then turn black and be “inactive” for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds it will turn gray and can be captured again.

To steal a way point from the other team you must move over some part of it. Standing still on the way point will not prevent the other team from stealing control.



Control the way points to score as outlined above.
Killing an opponent near a way point will give extra points.
Double Domination awards -1 point for dying. It is common to have a negative score.
Work together and heal your teammates to prevent point loss.

Because there are only 2 teams and 2 way points, sign up times are very short ( 5 minutes or less in some cases ) to limit the number of players at once. You should try to sign up as soon as sign up opens to ensure you “make the cut.”

Double Domination Specifics

  • timed event
  • free consume
  • server-assigned teams
  • prizes awarded for first and second place (dependent on number of players joining and their rank.)
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