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Cooks are tasked with making the food that sustains us

Cooks are responsible for almost every food we eat in the game, from the ubiquitous fish steak to fancy cakes and deliciously roasted animals. Cooking requires a heat source, commonly used ones include: ovens, forges, campfires and fireplaces.



To cook, double click one of the many cooking implements, this will open the crafting gump. Select the ingredient or dish you wish to cook.



To train cooking, you will be required to cook a large number of items, all of which have a similar difficulty. You may want to separate ingredients and cook items one at a time for an increased number of skill gain attempts. Some recipes are complex or have hard to gather ingredients. To GM cooking, it would be advisable to pick the dishes with the simplest path of ingredients (think fish steaks) for the bulk of your training. Water is required for many recipes, this can be obtained from a filled trough in your house, or a barkeep.


Complementary skills

Since you’ll need fish or animal product, the fishing skill or combat skills will help to gather your ingredients.

A list of recipes


ItemSuppliesMinimum Cooking Skill
dough1 flour, 1 water0.0
sweet dough1 dough, 1 honey0.0
cake mix1 flour, 1 sweet dough0.0
cookie mix1 honey, 1 sweet dough0.0
savage kin paint1 flour, 1 tribal berries80.0
unbaked quiche1 dough, 1 egg0.0
unbaked meat pie1 dough, 1 raw meat0.0
uncooked sausage pizza1 dough, 1 sausage0.0
uncooked cheese pizza1 dough, 1 cheese0.0
unbaked fruit pie1 dough, 1 pears0.0
unbaked peach cobbler1 dough, 1 peaches0.0
unbaked apple pie1 dough, 1 apple0.0
unbaked pumpkin pie1 dough, 1 pumpkin0.0
bread loaf1 dough0.0.
pan of cookies1 cookie mix0.0
cake1 cake mix0.0
muffins1 sweet dough0.0
baked quiche1 uncooked quiche0.0
baked meat pie1 uncooked meat pie0.0
sausage pizza1 uncooked sausage pizza0.0
cheese pizza1 uncooked cheese pizza0.0
baked fruit pie1 uncooked fruit pie0.0
baked peach cobbleruncooked peach cobbler0.0
baked apple pie1 uncooked apple pie0.0
baked pumpkin pie1 uncooked pumpkin pie0.0
cooked bird1 raw bird0.0
chicken leg1 raw chicken leg0.0
fish steak1 raw fish steak0.0
fried eggs1 egg0.0
leg of lambraw legs of lamb0.0
cut of ribs1 raw ribs0.0


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