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The skill of creating and decoding maps

Cartography is used in two ways. Firstly to create an array of in game maps, both local and world maps. Secondly, and the most primary need for cartography is training in this skill will allow you to decode treasure maps.



To access the active form of cartography you need to use a cartographer’s pen, this will open the crafting gump. From this menu you can make an array of different maps. For decoding of maps simply double click a treasure map, and if you have sufficient skill (different levels of maps have different required skill levels to decode) it will decode and open up into a readable treasure map.


Complementing skills

This skill is often chosen by treasure hunters. Usual templates for treasure hunting will include: mining to dig up the treasure, lockpicking to unlock the chest, remove trap and detect hidden for safely opening chests, and often times hiding or stealth to avoid mobs at the treasure chest location.



It uses a fair amount of resources to train the early levels of this skill by making maps, most will start a toon with this skill or seek out an NPC to train themselves before turning to decoding treasure maps. You can gain skill from failure to decode maps, so this will require a collection of treasure maps and decode them in ascending order. With a decent supply of treasure maps, this skill can be trained very quickly using a last object macro and cycling through a collection of different level undeciphered treasure maps.


Maps to be crafted by Cartography


Map TypeMinimum Cartography Required
Local map10.0
City Map25.0
Sea Chart35.0
World map39.5

Skill level for treasure map decoding


Treasure Map LevelMinimum Cartography Required
Level 1 – Plainly Drawn30.0
Level 2 – Expertly Drawn70.0
Level 3 – Adeptly Drawn80.0
Level 4 – Cleverly Drawn90.0
Level 5 – Deviously Drawn100.0
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