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Carpentry is the fine art of woodworking

Capable of crafting a wide array of items, the carpenter can make armor, furniture, housing addons, weapons and many other odds and ends. Most carpenters are serial crafters, as many of their more complex creations require other skills paired with carpentry to craft.



To access the carpentry crafting gump, simply use any woodworking tool, of which there are many.


Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 through the use of power scrolls.


Complementary skills

There are many skills used in concert with Carpentry. One of the most important skills for most carpenters is lumberjacking, the ability to harvest your own raw materials can be quite beneficial. Tinkering will allow you to craft your own tools, and make your chests lockable. Blacksmithy will open up the ability to craft certain housing addons such as the anvil and forge. Musicmanship of a reasonable level will allow the crafting of musical instruments, used by bards. Magery will allow the construction of items such as the pentagram housing addon. Training dummy addons require the use of tailoring skill.



Training a carpenter is as simple as crafting increasingly difficult to make items.  To macro this skill would be nearly impossible without a large supply of boards or logs in a bank or house. Most tackling this skill tend to gather their lumber through lumberjacking and make their wares as they move through a forest. It is not uncommon to happen upon a forest littered with stools, chests, and staves.

A list of items to be crafted with carpentry


ItemSuppliesMinimum Carpentry SkillSuccess Rate
board1 log per board0.0100.0%
barrel staves5 boards0.0100.0%
barrel lid4 boards11.0100.0%
music stand – short15 boards78.992.2%
music stand – tall20 boards81.587.0%
easel20 boards86.876.4%
ItemSuppliesMinimum Carpentry SkillSuccess Rate
foot stool9 boards11.0100.0%
stool9 boards11.0100.0%
straw chair13 boards21.0100.0%
wooden chair13 boards21.0100.0%
Vesper style chair15 boards42.1100.0%
Trinsic style chair13 boards42.1100.0%
wooden bench17 boards52.6100.0%
wooden throne17 boards52.6100.0%
Magincia style throne19 boards73.6100.0%
small table17 boards42.1100.0%
writing table17 boards63.1100.0%
large table23 boards63.1100.0%
Yew wood table27 boards84.281.6%
ItemSuppliesMinimum Carpentry SkillSuccess Rate
wooden box10 boards21.0100.0%
small crate8 boards10.0100.0%
medium crate15 boards31.0100.0%
large crate18 boards47.3100.0%
wooden chest20 boards73.6100.0%
wooden shelf25 boards31.5100.0%
armoire (red)35 boards84.281.6%
armoire35 boards84.281.6%
keg3 barrel staves
1 barrel hoop
1 barrel lid
Weapons and Armor   
ItemSuppliesMinimum Carpentry SkillSuccess Rate
shepherd’s crook7 boards78.992.2% normal, 32.2% exceptional
quarter staff6 boards73.6100.0% normal, 42.8% exceptional
gnarled staff7 boards78.992.2% normal, 32.2% exceptional
wooden shield9 boards52.6100.0% normal, 84.8% exceptional
fishing pole5 boards, 5 cloth68.4 carpentry, 40.0 tailoring100.0%
all instruments require 45.0 skill in musicianship as well as the carpentry skill
ItemSuppliesMinimum Carpentry SkillSuccess Rate
lap harp20 boards, 10 cloth63.1100.0%
standing harp35 boards, 15 cloth78.992.2%
drum20 boards, 10 cloth57.8100.0%
lute25 boards, 10 cloth68.4100.0%
tambourine15 boards, 10 cloth57.8100.0%
tambourine – tassel15 boards, 15 cloth57.8100.0%
Misc Add-ons
add-ons come in two directions, south and east; non-turnable
ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillSuccess Rate
small bed; two directions100 boards, 100 cloth94.7 carpentry; 75.0 tailoring64.4%
large bed; two directions150 boards, 150 cloth94.7 carpentry; 75.0 tailoring64.4%
dartboard; two directions5 boards15.7 carpentry100.0%
ballot box5 boards47.3100.0%
pentagram100 boards, 40 ingots100.0 carpentry; 75.0 magery50.0%
abbatoir100 boards, 40 ingots100 carpentry; 50.0 magery50.0%
ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillSuccess Rate
small forge5 boards, 75 ingots73.6 carpentry, 75.0 blacksmithy100.0%
large forge; two directions5 boards, 100 ingots78.9 carpentry; 80.0 blacksmithing92.2%
anvil; two directions5 boards, 150 ingots73.6 carpentry; 75.0 blacksmithy100.0%
ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillSuccess Rate
training dummy; two directions55 boards, 60 cloth68.4 carpentry; 50.0 tailoring100.0%
pockpicket dip; two directions65 boards, 60 cloth73.6 carpentry; 50.0 tailoring100.0%
ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillSuccess Rate
dressform25 boards, 10 cloth63.1 carpentry; 65.0 tailoring100.0%
spinning wheel; two directions75 boards, 25 cloth73.6 carpentry; 65.0 tailoring100.0%
loom; two directions85 boards; 25 cloth84.2 carpentry; 65.0 tailoring81.6%
ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillSuccess Rate
stone oven; two directions85 boards, 125 ingots68.4 carpentry; 50.0 tinkering100.0%
flour mill; two directions100 boards, 50 ingots94.7 carpentry; 50.0 tinkering60.6%
water trough; two directions150 boards94.7 carpentry60.6%


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