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Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag is a four-team event. Teams are picked randomly by the server, keeping the numbers as even as possible.
This is a timed event. When the event time has expired, the winning team is determined by points.

The object of the game is to capture the flags from the opponent’s base.


How to play:

Each team has a flag in their base colored to match the team color. The flags can be a plate of cookies, a ball, a statue, etc. Capture flags from the other team and return them to your base.

To get a flag, go to an opposing base and dbl click the flag. It will appear in your backpack.
To ‘capture’ the flag, return to your base with the opponent’s flag. Dbl click the flag in your pack and target your team flag on the pedestal.
This means your own flag must be in place to capture the enemy flag. If your flag is not on the base, you must wait for it to be returned.

If a player is killed while transporting a flag, the flag drops beside the body to be collected by any player.
Once a flag is captured, it returns to its base where it can be captured for scoring again.



Killing an enemy player will always net you and your team at least 1 point. There are, however, some additional situations where killing nets more:
Enemy killed inside your base: +1 point
Enemy carrying a flag: +4 points
Enemy recently attacked a friendly flag carrier: +2 points
Enemy in close proximity to a friendly flag carrier: +1 point
Note, all of these are cumulative (a kill may earn points for more than one situation).
For example, an enemy with a flag, killed inside your base would count as +1 for the kill, +1 for the kill in the base and +4 for the enemy killed with a flag to give +6. If the other two options apply, your team would also get the +2 and +1

Most actions relating to flags will net points.
Capturing an enemy flag: +50 points
Returning your own flag: +4 points
Assist by killing an enemy carrying your own flag, resulting in a capture: +6 points
Assist by returning your own flag, resulting in a capture: +4 points
Obviously, teams can attack opponents to defend their flag, steal a flag from another player, etc. If you have been killed, you are moved to an area and resurrected with your items. From there you can return to battle.


  • timed event
  • free consume
  • server-assigned teams
  • prizes awarded for first, second and third place (dependent on number of players joining and their rank.)
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