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Bowcraft and Fletching

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A good fletcher is an archer’s best friend

Not only capable of crafting powerful bows and crossbows, a fletcher is the main source of ammunition to all of the game’s archers.



Bowcraft/Fletching is accessed through the use of fletcher’s tools. This will bring up the crafting gump, with the fletcher able to pick amongst the weapons and ammunition he chooses to create. This menu will also allow the repair of bows and crossbows, but be forewarned that a failure to repair a bow can destroy the weapon.


Complementary skills

Lumberjacking is a commonly paired skill with fletching, as the ability to gather ones own resources can be quite valuable. Also, as a common resource required for fletching is feathers, some sort of combat training in order to slay the birds or harpies for your feathers would be a boon. A lesser used but noteworthy pairing would be tinkering, for the ability to make your own tools.



To train a fletcher is as simple as crafting increasingly difficult to make items, as there are so few items available to craft, the progression of items is pretty apparent. To macro this skill would be nearly impossible without a large supply of boards or logs in a bank or house. As such, most tackling this skill tend to gather their lumber through lumberjacking and make their wares as they move through a forest.

Available items to craft


ItemSuppliesMinimum SkillGM Success Rate
Kindling1 board or log0.0100.0%
Shaft1 board or log0.0100.0%
Arrow1 shaft, 1 feather0.0100.0%
Crossbow Bolt1 shaft, 1 feather0.0100.0%
Bow7 boards or logs30.0100.0 Normal%
58.8% Exceptional
Crossbow7 boards or logs60.0100.0% Normal
40.0% Exceptional
Heavy Crossbow10 boards or logs80.075.0% Normal
27.5% Exceptional


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