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Bombing run

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Bombing run is a team event that has been likened to football. Although usually played with two teams, this event can have up to four teams. This is a timed event; the winners determined by points.

Bombing Run is pvp orientated. The object, to get the “bomb” through your enemy’s goal.

How to play:

To pick up the ball, move over it. The ball cannot be stolen from another player’s pack. If the ball becomes stuck in an odd location, you can attempt to double click it. If all else fails, the ball will be automatically returned to its starting position after it has been on the ground for 30 seconds.

When you pick up or catch the bomb you will see a server message.
You will be unable to cast spells or use any items. Your only form of defense comes from an equipped weapon. You cannot use any other items or potions (except for Refresh potions). It is up to your team to heal/cure and protect you while you make your way to the enemy’s goal.

The game will prevent you from harming your team mates (who will be “green” to you), and all enemies will show up “orange” to you.

you die during the game you will remain dead for 30 seconds, during which time you may wander around the arena freely to get an idea of how things are laid out or to watch the game. When your 30 seconds is up you will be automatically resurrected at your teams goal with your items.

You may “pass” the ball to any location on the map or any player you can see. The passing range is 10 tiles. When you throw the ball it will travel in a parabolic curve to the target. If it hits any walls it will stop. You can attempt to throw the ball out of your line of sight. With the exception of walls specifically designated by the staff to always stop the ball, the ball may be thrown over walls or doors.

If the ball gets too close to ANY players (including the opposite team) it will be caught/intercepted by that player.
The ball is not “heat seeking”–that means that it will travel exactly where you targeted, even if you target a player and that player moves. As a result of this, you may find that it is necessary to “lead” a player one or two tiles when you throw to them if they are running.

There is currently no limit (minimum or maximum) number of passes you must achieve before scoring.
There is no maximum time which a player can hold the ball.


If the ball is thrown through the goal, the scoring team will receive 3 points.If the ball is carried through the goal by a player, the scoring team will receive 7 points.Players who assist in the score will gain some “personal” points for their help.Killing the ball carrier will give extra points as well.

Bombing Run Specifics

  • timed event
  • free consume
  • server-assigned teams
  • prizes awarded for first, second and third place (dependent on number of players joining and their rank.)
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