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BOD system guide

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Welcome to the world of advanced Invictus crafting, the realm of Bulk Order Deeds. (BODs)

BODs serve as a means of rewarding dedicated crafting characters.  Most of you are familiar with this system from Hybrid, and while most things hold true from Hybrid there have been some changes.  For starters, there are 4 skills available for the completion of bulk order deeds, (with more in the works) they are:

  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithy
  • Tailoring
  • Tinkering

To acquire a bulk order deed find an NPC blacksmith, tailor or tinker.  You simply need to click on them for their context menu and select Bulk Order Info.  Alternatively, you can sell your crafted wares to this vendor and he will eventually offer you a BOD without accessing this menu.

After selecting Bulk Order Info, your offered BOD will display a gump defining the bulk order deed the vendor is offering you.  Click Ok to accept the BOD and it will appear in your pack, click cancel if you do not want the BOD.  Keep in mind that you may only collect a BOD of each skill type once every 4 hours per character, and once offered your timer will start whether or not you accept the offered BOD.

BODs come in small and large types, and are filled by adding the requested item to the deed.  Large BODs will require you to collect the matching small BODs in the set and add each completed small BOD to the large one.


For each BOD turned in you will be rewarded with a small amount of gold, scaled based on the difficulty of the BOD.  Secondly, you will be rewarded from the available random rewards on a tiered difficulty system.  Low level BODs will reward lesser random prizes and high level large BODs will reward immense rewards such as runic crafting tools.  All large BODs will now also reward a set number of BOD vouchers based on BOD difficulty.

Voucher system

The voucher system is a new feature to the BOD system that will be added to Invictus.  Each large BOD will be worth a certain number of vouchers when turned in.  Each player can collect these vouchers across all of the available skill BODs.  Each character will have two voucher counts, the current voucher count and the lifetime voucher count.  Current vouchers can be spent in the voucher store for a small selection of some of the available random BOD rewards, along with other rewards not available anywhere else in the game.  There will be a rotation of some of these rewards and no item is guaranteed to stay on the store, so spend your vouchers wisely. As for your lifetime voucher count, you will be ranked on this count in a tier system.  Each tier will avail a greater chance of higher resource BODs available to the crafter.  For example, at tier 1 your chance of a valorite BOD is double that of tier 0.  Also note that all available skill BODs reward the same type of voucher, so tailoring BODs could earn you a reward expected from smithing.

BOD cloth

For those of you planning on working on tailoring BODs, there will be a small change to BOD sandals and cloth available as turn in rewards.  Only the following hues will be available for BOD cloth and sandals: 1155, 1173, 1165, 1172, 1151, 1164, 1163, 1168, 1156, 1154, 1160, 1162.  Also note that all cloth will only be rewarded in lots of 2 cloth.

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