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A blacksmith crafts most weapons and armor used in the game

Capable of crafting a variety of different armors, and every melee weapon used in the game, save staves and bows. The warrior depends mightily upon his most frequented smith. Able to craft items in simple iron, or an array of other metal colors. A smith will find that the colored metals increase the armor rating of his wares.



Blacksmithy is engaged by using a smith’s hammer or tongs, while in range of an anvil. This will bring up the crafting gump, where you can pick the item you wish to craft, or select to repair an item by target. Be careful when repairing weapons and armor, especially with a low level smith as it is possible to destroy the repaired weapon through failure. Also available to blacksmiths is the ancient smithy hammer, these magical hammers grant a temporary bonus to blacksmithy skill while equipped.


Complementary skills

One of the most commonly paired skills with blacksmithy is of course mining, the means to supply yourself with raw material. Another often overlooked pairing with blacksmithy is tinkering, the ability to make ones own tools can save time and resources.

There are also some crafted items that require both carpentry and blacksmithy to craft, such as the forge and anvil addons for a house.



Training a blacksmith is as simple as crafting increasingly difficult to make items. Blacksmithy is one of the more expensive and time consuming skills to train, as such a player would be advised to start a smith with 50 skill at character creation or at a minimum to obtain training from an NPC. When blacksmithing for skill gains, it is advisable to pick an item with a high probability of success (but not 100%) as more gains tend to be had from success than failure.

To macro blacksmithy effectively, will require a fair amount of attention, both to assure you do not run out of ingots or tools but also to make sure that crafted items do not overfill your bag. Ideally find a good amount of ingots to not overfill your bag and make a macro to craft your item repeatedly until you are out of space for items or out of ingots. Then use a second macro to recycle your crafted wares, this is accomplished through the crafting gump and targeting the chosen item to melt down into ingots.  Keep in mind you could also sell these items to a NPC smith instead.  


Power Scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 through the use of power scrolls.




A list of blacksmithy created items


ItemSuppliesMinimum Blacksmithy Skill
Ringmail Armor  
ringmail gloves10 ingots12.0
ringmail leggings16 ingots19.4
ringmail sleeves14 ingots16.9
ringmail tunic18 ingots21.9
chainmail coif10 ingots14.5
chainmail leggings18 ingots36.7
chainmail tunic20 ingots39.1
platemail arms18 ingots66.3
platemail gloves12 ingots58.9
platemail gorget10 ingots56.4
platemail legs20 ingots68.8
platemail tunic25 ingots75.0
platemail – female20 ingots44.1
dragon barding deed750 ingots72.5
bascinet15 ingots8.3
close helmet15 ingots37.9
helmet15 ingots37.9
norse helm15 ingots37.9
plate helm15 ingots62.6
buckler10 ingots0.0
bronze shield12 ingots0.0
heater shield18 ingots24.3
metal shield14 ingots0.0
metal kite shield16 ingots4.6
tear kite shield8 ingots0.0
broadsword10 ingots35.4
cutlass8 ingots24.3
dagger3 ingots0.0
katana8 ingots44.1
kryss8 ingots36.7
longsword12 ingots28.0
scimitar10 ingots31.7
viking sword14 ingots24.3
axe14 ingots34.2
battle axe14 ingots30.5
double axe12 ingots29.3
executioner’s axe14 ingots34.2
large battle axe12 ingots28.8
two handed axe16 ingots33.0
war axe16 ingots39.1
bardiche18 ingots31.7
halberd20 ingots39.1
short spear6 ingots45.3
spear12 ingots49.0
war fork12 ingots42.9
hammer pick16 ingots34.2
mace6 ingots14.5
maul10 ingots19.4
war mace14 ingots28.0
war hammer16 ingots34.2
Dragon Scale Armor  
dragon gloves16 dragon scales68.9
dragon helm20 dragon scales72.6
dragon leggings28 dragon scales78.8
dragon sleeves24 dragon scales76.3
dragon breastplate36 dragon scales85.0


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