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Archery is the combat skill defined by fighting with bows and crossbows. A well prepared archer will keep himself stocked with a large number of arrows or bolts, as these weapons will not function without their ammunition. Of note is also that these weapons will not fire while you are moving, you must stand still in order to aim your shot.



As training this skill will cost you in arrows or bolts, it would be wise to visit an NPC for training prior to embarking on the task of raising archery to GM. As with any other combat skill, being engaged in combat with your bow or crossbow is the only means of training this skill. As such, many warriors find it best to spar with a partner for training combat skills.

A common method of macroing this skill is to spar with a friend while cross healing each other with band aids. Both of your chosen weapon skills and tactics levels will rise along with each other until GM.

A list of bows available on UO: Invictus


Weapon Name:BowXbowHeavy Xbow
Weapon Speed:252315
Dice #455
Dice Face9810
Effective Min:40.5038.2545.00
Effective Max:112.50117.00146.25
Effective Spread:72.0078.75101.25
Effective Average:76.5077.6395.63
Effective DPS:25.5023.8119.13
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