UO Invictus

Animal Lore

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Knowledge of beasts in the right hands is very valuable

Animal Lore is an active skill with both informational and passive benefits. Basically a must for any animal tamer worth his salt. This skill modifies both veterinary healing amount and the ability to cure/resurrect pets. The level of this skill also comes into play on determining pet loyalty and control.

Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 through the use of power scrolls.


To use animal lore, click the skill use gem and target an animal or monster capable of being tamed. The animal lore gump will pop up, with several tabs of information about the creature.


Probably one of the quickest and free to train, this skill should not be started with or trained at a NPC. To train animal lore, use it on a nearby animal or pet. All that is needed to macro this skill is a delay for the skill use timer.


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