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The science relating to the human body

Anatomy is an active ability with passive benefits. If used on a player or humanoid NPC, you will get a text response estimating the physical makeup of your target, greater success in this function will happen with higher skill levels. At the highest level of skill, anatomy will also estimate the remaining stamina of your target. As for a passive benefits, warriors will find that anatomy applies a bonus to damage in physical combat. Those trained in the skill of healing will gain a bonus to damage healed, and at higher levels of skill, unlock the ability to cure and resurrect.


Anatomy can be trained three ways, either by actively targeting nearby players and NPCs, passively by engaging in physical combat, or passively by healing another human with bandages. Often times this skill is trained by the use of a macro by actively targeting a player or NPC that will stay close to your character. The only need to check this macro would be to see if you or your target have died or if you have successfully trained to the level chosen for your build or template. Commonly macroed in the safety of a house or in town. This is one of the easier and cheaper skills to train, it is usually saved until late in your character creation process and rarely trained at an NPC.

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