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Alchemy is the science of combining reagents into drinkable potions with magical effects. Reagents are ground with a mortar and pestle and filled into empty bottles or potion kegs. Potion kegs are vessels that hold large quantities (500) of potions minus the bottle, a player can use a potion keg and target an empty bottle to extract one potion.

Power scrolls

This skill can be raised above a level of GM up to 120 with the use of power scrolls.  Any points in alchemy above 100 will not affect the explosion potion damage bonus.

Player vs. Player

10.0 points in Alchemy adds 1 damage to explosion pots when thrown by an alchemist, up to a total of 10 extra points of damage for a GM Alchemist. Keep in mind that parrying offers protection from explosion potion damage.


Training alchemy is quite simple; simply stock up on bottles, a stack of reagents, and some mortar and pestles and grind out potions that you have a chance of success in creating.

To macro alchemy, one will need the aforementioned supplies in large quantities. It would be suggested to check your macro every so often to see if you have out gained a potion type, requiring you to setup your macro to grind a new potion type.

A simple macro would include:

  • restock agent for empty bottles and the required reagents
  • using a mortar and pestle by type (keep a large number of tools in your bag)
  • selecting either your chosen potion or last potion
  • relieve your pack of the created potion

Available potions

Potion NameMin. SkillSuccess at Gm SkillReagentEffects
Refresh0.0100%1 Black PearlRestores a portion of stamina
Total Refresh25.0100%5 Black PearlRestores full stamina
Agility15.0100%1 Blood MossIncrease dexterity
Greater Agility35.0100%3 Blood MossIncreases dexterity
Nightsight0.0100%1 Spider’s SilkDaylight until the next UO day
Lesser Heal0.0100%1 GinsengHeals a portion of hit points
Heal15.0100%3 GinsengHeals a portion of hit points
Greater Heal55.090%7 GinsengHeals a portion of hit points
Strength25.0100%2 Mandrake RootIncreases strength
Greater Strength45.0100%5 Mandrake RootIncreases Strength
Lesser Poison0.0100%1 NightshadeApplied to weapons and food
Poison15.0100%2 NightshadeApplied to weapons and food
Greater Poison55.090%4 NightshadeApplied to weapons, food and plants
Deadly Poison90.020%8 NightshadeApplied to weapons and food
Lesser Cure0.0100%1 GarlicCures lesser poison
Cure25.0100%3 GarlicCures poison
Greater Cure65.070%6 GarlicCures greater and deadly poison
Lesser Explosion5.0100%3 Sulfurous AshCauses a minor explosion
Explosion35.0100%5 Sulfurous AshThrown to cause an explosion
Greater Explosion65.070%10 Sulfurous AshThrown to cause an explosion
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