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A guide to the naturalist

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Naturalists can harness the power of nature

Naturalists are often brushed off as a fringe class in a world of war, but few will stand tall against the raw power of an animal tamer’s trained dragon. Not only able to subdue and command magical beasts, animal tamers are the lands main source of mounts that they ride into battle.


Combat effectiveness

There are very few if any options more powerful than an animal tamer and his trained beasts in PvM content. The key focus for a tamer in this field is in keeping his animal and himself alive.


Complementary skills

Naturalists often pair their skills with that of mages and bards. It is not uncommon though to find a warrior fighting alongside his pet, the damage capability of this template is often unparalleled.



Animal lore

Provides detailed information about wild and tame animals and monsters

Animal taming

Convincing animals and magical creatures to join you on your adventures


Used for logging out without an inn, or to create campfires for cooking


A skill to move animals and monsters from place to place


The awareness of those around you


Healing pets and other creatures with cloth bandages

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