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A guide to the bardic arts

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The bard is master of the instrument.

They alone hold sway over battle, they hold the ability to provoke monsters to battle themselves, or bring a battle to a standstill. A bard can brave some of the most dangerous areas and live to tell the tale, all the while having the coin to buy the next round. On UO: Invictus there are four skills dedicated to the bardic arts. They are: Musicianship, Peacemaking, Discordance, and Provocation. Musicianship is a core skill required for all bard builds, all three barding functions require musicianship to function, a well seasoned bard will be wise to GM this skill. Barding is a difficulty based skill, with each creature in the land having a barding difficulty assigned when they spawn, common animals having a low barding difficulty and the most powerful creatures having a barding difficulty over 100.  These barding difficulties set on each creature will determine your chances of successfully influencing these creatures with a check of your own skill. Successful discordance of a creature will lower its barding difficulty by a percentage based on your discordance skill.

To begin your journey as a bard you will need an instrument, possibly several, and they can be found for sale at your local barding guild house or crafted by carpenters. As with every skill you embark to train it is usually advisable to seek some training from and NPC bard before you set to train your skills further.

Combat Effectiveness

A bard can be devastating under the right circumstances. Be wary, a lone monsters can prove a powerful foe when it lacks a companion for you to turn its focus unto.

Player vs Player

The bardic arts sadly do not hold the sway over players that they do to the things that cower in dungeons. Discordance and Provocation will not effect any players, and peacemaking has limited uses as it does not prevent a player from simply rejoining the fray.

Complementing Skills

Magery might just be a must for a bard. The ability to heal oneself, travel the land, and paralyze ones foes cannot go overlooked. A magical bard would look to Meditation and Evaluating Intelligence as well to help bring down their weakened foe.

Animal Taming is powerful, when combined with a bards ability to stop dangerous enemies in their tracks and the ability to command fearsome beasts, you have quite the potent pair. Animal Lore and Magery will help keep both you and your companion on your feet and under your control.


The base skill for all barding abilities


The skill of pacifying beasts and interrupting combat, peacemaking is the only bardic skill capable of affecting other players


Commonly used to lower the skills and stats of a creature for combat purposes, it is also used by seasoned animal tamers in training their pets


Some would say the most powerful skill in a bards toolbox, upon success you can turn one creature upon another

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