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A guide on the warriors path

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A warrior is a master of physical forms of combat.

The most common and often times the most difficult to master form of combat available in UO: Invictus. There are many different disciplines within the ranks of warriors. Many different weapon skills are available and some even choose the path of unarmed combat, with wrestling. Tactics is practically a must for almost all flavors of warrior, most should GM tactics as a rule for any warrior build. Among the available weapon skills to the warrior are Archery, Fencing, Mace Fighting, Swordsmanship, and Wrestling. Some warriors find the need to train with and use multiple weapon types, but most choose to focus on a single weapon skill and master it. Before making your weapon family choice it would be wise to research the specific weapons you would choose to wield with this skill. Keep in mind that some 2 handed weapons add a special ability that single handed weapons do not. Two handed maces drain stamina from your foe, while fencing weapons grant a chance to stun your opponent, and swords will have the ability to deal a concussion blow (halving your targets intelligence for a short time).


Combat Effectiveness

Some of the most dangerous combatants you will find on the field of battle are warriors or a hybrid build involving warrior skills. Be wary though, a well trained warrior with the wrestling and arms lore skills can disarm your weapon whilst in combat! Even worse a cunning thief can deprive you of your weapon altogether.


Player vs. Player

Many players who chose to engage in player versus player combat will bring weapons or wrestling with them into combat. Highly effective at dealing damage, the warriors most effective bane in combat is surely a good suit of armor.


Complementing Skills

Many warriors chose to add Anatomy to their builds as it adds a bonus to damage with the physical combat skills. Often times a warrior choosing anatomy will select healing for their template as not only does this heal damage to self and others, anatomy boosts healing’s effectiveness as well.

Many warriors have found that they prefer a hybrid of skill sets in that they like to employ both Magery and physical combat together. For this discipline you will find yourself having to make hard choices between the best skills from both worlds.

Some players who enjoy spending their time mining or crafting will often find it easier to train a weapon skill to help them fight of the errant orc along their travels.


Knowledge of the human body


The field of combat with bows and crossbows


A set of weapons used for their ability to pierce, such as the spear or dagger


The skill of healing wounds with cloth bandages

Mace fighting

The subtle art of bludgeoning your opponent with a blunt object


Deflecting attacks with a shield


There is a large array of weapons to those choosing to wield swords


The base skill for any warrior


Most often chosen by the magus, this skill deals with unarmed hand to hand combat

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