UO Invictus

A guide for wizards and witches alike

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Wizards and witches are the masters of magery and all things magical

Able to conjure food and creatures, deal massive amounts of damage, or even resurrect the dead. Those learned in the arts of magic on UO: Invictus have a large list of tools at their disposal. For magery there are 64 known spells that can be cast with the proper spellbook and reagents. Alchemists can brew a variety of magic potions with varying uses and levels of effect. Scribes can create magic scrolls capable of casting spells with little to no magery and without the use of reagents. Some are trained in the talents of communicating with the dead.


Combat effectiveness

Mages are some of the most complex and powerful characters to roam the lands of UO: Invictus. Be mindful of your stores and mana, a mage without reagents or mana is a sitting duck.


Player vs. Player

Most mages who delve into player versus player combat will surely be a powerful adversary. Keep in mind though the best mages are well rounded and bring other skills and even melee weapons into the fray.

A mage who chooses a hybrid role with warrior skills will find they have to make hard choices between a large list of very valuable skills to both sides of the road.

Some templates choose to bring animal taming and the requisite pets with them into battle, many travelers fear the bola tamer and his mighty nightmare.


Complementing skills

Magic is one of the most commonly used utilities in UO: Invictus. Many warriors carry a litany of potions with them or even train in magery! Most animal tamers will accompany their skills with the use of magery and the utility it brings to their arsenal. Bards far and wide can benefit from the ability to cast spells for both offense and defense. Even master craftsmen may train magery or carry scrolls, to travel from city to city hawking their wares.


The science of combining reagents into usable potions with magical effects

Evaluating Intelligence

The ability to access the intellect of others


The focus skill improves a mage’s ability to meditate.


A small sect of magic allowing the creation of magical scrolls for spellcasting, spell books, rune books and BOD storage books


This is the most popular method of casting spells


A popular choice for mages, a well trained stoic can improve his mana regeneration ability

Spirit speak

The ability to communicate with the dead

Resisting spells

A skill for improving your resistance to the effect of spells

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