UO Invictus

A guide for the morally ambiguous

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Thieves wield some of the greatest powers in the game

Able to move without being seen, steal from your backpack, or safely open locked and trapped containers. Requiring quite a bit of subtlety and dexterity, these rare skills can be used with great effect.


Combat effectiveness

Thieves usually function by hiding from or stealthing past combat, but a talented thief has been known to deprive a warrior of his weapons or a mage of his reagents and then picking his battles.


Complementing skills

While there is a large array of rogue-like skills available, most thieves choose to add magery and/or physical combat skills to their templates.


The cunning to convince NPCs to give you gold

Detecting hidden

A skill for revealing hidden players, creatures, or traps


The ability to hide from sight


How to unlock things without a key


Applying poison to weapons and food

Remove trap

The delicate process of removing others’ traps


The ability to peer into another’s belongings


The art of taking what is not yours


The ability to move while hidden

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