UO Invictus

A guide for craftsmen

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Craftsman are the lifeblood of the UO adventurer

Whether you need ammunition, armor, decorations, furniture, potions, scrolls, tools or weapons; a craftsmen is who will supply your needs. Capable of creating some of the most mundane items necessary to our everyday activities or epic weapons and armor. A craftsman’s trade can command a pretty penny for his time and training, most would do well to research the value of their wares before selling or trading them away.



Some crafters train or venture out into the world to gather the supplies to create their wares. Others rely on the purchase of raw materials from other craftsmen. There is a wide array of resources to be gathered on UO: Invictus, some of these resources require training in a skill to gather, others can be simply picked up. Certain resources such as stone and sand require the purchase and use of an in game guide (double clicking a purchased item) to harvest. Other resources can be harvested from the corpses of slain creatures.


The creators of magical potions

Arms Lore

Mostly used by smiths and warriors to access the state of wear of weapons and armor


Used with metal and tools to create weapons and armor


Fletchers create bows, crossbows and the ammunition for their use


The skill of woodworking


The creation and decoding of maps


Everyone needs to eat


The ability to pull fish and items from water with a rod and reel


The craft for making magical scrolls and books


How to turn trees into usable lumber


A skill for harvesting metal, stone, and sand


How to sew clothes, leather armor and craft bone armor


Used to create tools and other useful devices

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